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Personal Fitness Trainer - Bronze

The IFPA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification is the core program for safe and effective personal training. This course teaches and tests on the essential information to train individuals in gyms, health clubs, and other one-on-one fitness training environments.

If you are new to personal training, this course will present the basic knowledge and principles necessary to create effective training programs. If you are an experienced personal trainer, this course reviews and summarizes basic, unchanging principles. Regular review of these principles makes it easier to incorporate new information with you experiences. These principles guide the professional personal trainer designing a program to meet an individual's needs.

Remember, having a firm understanding of the basic fundamentals is a prerequisite to creativity and success in any field. An athlete such as Michael Jordan did not become one of the best athletes in his sport by just dreaming up creative moves. Michael Jordan practiced fundamentals day-in and day-out to perfection until they were second nature. Then when the opportunity arose, his creativity and prowess were able to shine through because he was so grounded in the fundamentals.

Subject areas include:
  • Basic muscle physiology
  • Energy metabolism
  • Exercise physiology training principles
  • Strength and aerobic conditioning
  • Safety guidelines
  • Sports training
  • Exercise testing
  • Body composition analysis
  • Safety, anatomy, and exercise
  • Complete program design and development
  • Documentation
  • Nutritional considerations for the personal trainer
  • Psychology, motivation, ethics, and success
  • Business of fitness: marketing/law/finance

    Other Available Personal Fitness Trainer Certifications:
    PFT Silver Package
    PFT Gold Package
    PFT Platinum Package

Course Learning Objectives
  1. Learn the precise knowledge, skills and abilities you will need to know in order to train people safely and effectively.
  2. Develop a clear comprehension of the Seven Phases of the Personal Training process with sufficient proficiency to train clients with no medical restrictions to exercise.
  3. Develop a working knowledge of all “10 IFPA Components of Fitness” and their relationship with the “7 Phases of Personal Training”.
  4. Master all IFPA Safety Guidelines, Risk Factors and Warning Signs for health and medical risks.
  5. Develop a high level of competency in all primary exercise techniques and biomechanics, spotting and teaching exercise techniques.

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Show sufficient proficiency with the required Personal Fitness Trainer knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully pass the IFPA Certification Exam.
  2. Utilize the IFPA Personal Fitness Trainer System to successfully train clients who have no medical restrictions to exercise.
  3. Utilize the IFPA Personal Fitness Trainer System to effectively progress your client’s fitness, health and athletic needs.
  4. Utilize and promote all IFPA Guidelines to ensure the highest degree of safety for all your clients during every training system.
  5. Utilize the IFPA Personal Trainer System to build a highly safe, effective, successful and profitable Personal Training Business.

Course Goals

  1. Read, study and learn all the knowledge, skills and abilities provided in the IFPA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification Course.
  2. Pass the IFPA Certification Exam
  3. Use all the knowledge provided by the IFPA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification Course to build a successful Personal Fitness Training Business.
  4. Always remember: All the knowledge, skills and abilities provided by the IFPA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification Course were developed by the world’s foremost “Subject Matter Experts” (SMEs). These Subject Matter Experts developed the most extensive Job Analysis Survey (JAS) ever conducted in the fitness industry. The Job Analysis Survey was used as a framework to develop the IFPA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification Course. All the knowledge in this course is essential for you to learn and know in order to conduct safe and effective training sessions.
  5. You must learn the material and use it on all your clients. Continuous review is required to make sure that you stay on course and so not forget critical knowledge. DO NOT TAKE SHORT-CUTS! DO IT RIGHT!
Personal training, be it to train yourself or others, can be a very rewarding field. With only 22% of the U.S. population regularly active at a level conductive for maintaining health, we need more qualified fitness professionals spreading the message.

  • Synopsis: 
    You may be passionate about fitness and desire to help people live the fitness lifestyle, but in order to help, you are going to need to make a living as a personal trainer. This course educates and trains you to be a successful personal trainer earning $35 - $175 an hour or more! This course leads you to the prestigious IFPA Certification which in turn leads you to a successful career in fitness.

  • Includes: 
    • The Book on Personal Training textbook
    • Study guide
    • 105 question (multiple choice) proctored certification exam (mailed directly to proctor)
    • Plus - Free admission to two day workshop (when available).

  • Prerequisite: 
    Must be CPR Certified.

  • Discount: 
    Purchase 5 or more PFT certifications at the same time and receive a 10% discount. Purchase 15 or more PFT certifications and receive a 15% discount. Cannot be combined with other discounts.

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