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Advanced Flexibility Specialist Certification

Advanced Flexibility Specialist Certification

The IFPA Flexibility Certification covers the most practical fitness training information to ensure the competency of IFPA certified flexibility coach. The information in the IFPA certification covers the essential principles necessary for all levels of flexibility coaching. Taking the time and effort necessary to truly master these concepts will result in a significant increase in your ability to provide safe and efficient training to your clients.

You want to be at the "top-of-your-game," and the IFPA Certified Flexibility Coach gives you the tools to set you apart. Many, many clients need to improve their range-of-motion (ROM). Insufficient ROM is a major cause of back pain (guess how many of your clients experience back pain). Initially, many clients need more help with increasing ROM than they do with increasing strength. Plus, recent research by Dr. Wayne Westcott proves that combining strengthening exercises with stretching exercises dramatically increases fat loss (by approximately 33%). What will your clients pay you to increase fat loss by 33%? Increase your value to your clients and increase your profits.

Distance Learning (24 hrs CEU) $399

Course Learning Objectives
  1. You will learn 311 stretches for 41 sports and over 100 Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitated (PNF) flexibility movements for every joint and muscle in the body.
  2. You will learn the physiological principles behind the safest and most effective flexibility program design.
  3. You will learn to execute flexibility programming with the highest possible safety and effectiveness to increase range of motion (ROM), injury free.
  4. You will learn to use the Spiral-Diagonal Patterns of PNF.
  5. You will learn the guidelines, sequences and safety considerations of PNF.
  6. You will learn combining techniques to release fibrotic tissue to reduce pain and restore ROM.
  7. You will learn countries for common soft tissue injuries.
  8. You will learn specific stretching exercises (311) and specific stretching routines for specific sports.

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. At the conclusion of the IFPA Advanced Flexibility Specialist Certification Course you will learn: the benefits of stretching, how the body responds to stretching, what happens when you stretch, what causes muscle soreness, appropriate injury management and controversies surrounding stretching.
  2. You will know guidelines for performing facilitated stretches.
  3. You will know detailed sequence for facilitated stretching.
  4. You will know safety considerations for facilitated stretching.
  5. You will know how to reduce fatigue for stretchers and partners.

Course Goals

  1. Learn to use a variety of flexibility techniques and exercise for optimal pain free function.
  2. Learn to use these techniques and exercises for the care and prevention of numerous injuries.
  3. Learn to assist the 80% of the world’s population that has or will experience back pain.

Many, many clients need to improve their range-of-motion (ROM). Initially, many clients need more help with increasing ROM than they do with increasing strength.

  • Includes: 
    • Sport Stretch textbook
    • Facilitated Stretching textbook
    • Study guide
    • 150 question (multiple-choice) proctored certification exam.

  • Discount: 
    Purchase 2 or more certifications at the same time and receive a $100 discount off each additional certification program. Cannot be combined with other discounts.

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