Dear Dr. Bell, what are your thoughts on doing squats everyday? I read about the Bulgarian Method and thought it was worth a shot. I’m starting to feel burnt out as well as developing some knee pain. Is my body just supposed to get used to this type of training? What is your opinion?

Most of what you hear about the Bulgarian Method to Olympic Lifting is hearsay or guess work. Their previous Olympic Head Coach, Ivan Abadjiev, never published a book, research or even spoke about his precise training techniques to the outside world.

Most people think the Bulgarian Method was to train heavy, 3 times/day, 6 days/week. Even if you take into account that the Bulgarian Weightlifters took more steroids than they drank water, that training was their full-times job and when they were not lifting, they were completely focused on RECOVERY! Recovery required constant massage therapy, nutrition, sleep, hydration, etc.. Even taking into account that they spent 24/7/365 to achieve their best, no human body can sustain that work load for long periods of time.

Most people report that the Bulgarians lifted as heavy as they could 3 times per day, 6 days per week and they had a Competition every 3 weeks. The wear and tear on the body would be tremendous!

Unless you are going to use enough Performance Enhancement Drugs (PED) to cause severe side effects, and I highly recommend you stay far, FAR away from PED. Use what we already know is safe and effective. Train Hard, Rest, Recover, Adapt and then train hard again and repeat.

To aid rest and recovery, eat healthy, hydrate, supplement as needed and be smart about your sleep and stress management…And LEARN! The old saying “knowledge is power” is true! The more knowledge you have, the safer and more effective your training can be.

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