August 25, 2015

Guest Blog by CPH & Associates

In the world of personal training, competition is king, and a competitive edge is something that attracts respect in the community. As a trainer, one should always carry a competitive spirit both in and out of the gym. This will not only help them to succeed, based on visualization principles, but will also help to exert the type of personality traits a person is envious of who wants control over their body, control over their mind to have willpower, and control over their diet. The job of a personal trainer is to provide them with this kind of motivation, and the necessary traits for the person in a coaching position are the same traits that every personal trainer need to exhibit in the gym.

The ability to analyze a client properly, screen them physically to determine their limitations, assess their desires and goals, and analyze their abilities and motivational needs, all of these are necessary to be a successful personal trainer, and also, and more importantly, to prevent injury to clients during the process of transformation.

In the gym there are many hazards, from simple slip and fall or equipment malfunction accidents, to the bigger burden of liability from advice given about diet and exercise that carries beyond the walls of the fitness establishment. A personal trainer is so much more than a person who shows a novice how to work out. A personal trainer is someone who teaches their clients to retrain their mind, gives their clients the drive and willpower to get in the gym, and teaches that working out is not a chore, it is a passion. We know it is a passion, because we make it into careers with the intention to help other people with our gifts; we don’t aim to be rocket scientists or brain surgeons; we aim to transform people’s bodies, minds, and diets, to improve the general health of the world, and improve the overall energetic flow of the universe.

Manifesting the body one wants comes from a place of creativity and love, just like everything else in life, with the proper placement, leverage, and force, everything is possible. Strategy is everything, and as a personal trainer, aim to strategize on a subconscious level to remain in the mindset of competition at all times. Clients are coming for help to reach their personal goals, and trainers potentially have control over the outcome of the entire rest of their lives! Take that power and use it for good. Be a fitness superhero. Protecting a business is also important, because even a fitness superhero can be subject to accidental injuries, client malpractice claims, and unforeseen incidences outside of their control. Take a look at the wealth of information available at about obtaining proper fitness professional liability insurance to protect a WellFit Pro, during any liability incident.

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