Hey Dr. Bell, I have been lifting for 6 months and I have achieved strength gains, but I can’t seem to put on size. I’m 6’ 180 lbs. My squat went from 155 to 245, my deadlift 255 to 300. I lift 3 days a week and plus 2-3 HIT of cardio. Any advice on programming would be great!

Thanks for the question Josh!

In order to achieve both size (build muscle mass) and strength gains, you need to use Periodization Program Design. You will perform 5 “Microcyles” of 3 weeks, each as follows:

Intensity15 RM10 RM8 RM5 RM3 RM
Time3 sets3 sets4 sets5 sets5 sets

Make sure you have a good spotter and focus like a laser on hitting your RM goals. If you are scheduled for a 3 RM Set, make sure the Load (weight) is set to give you 3 Reps before you hit Concentric Failure. If you fail on the 2nd Rep, brief your spotter to help you do a “Forced Rep” on the third. If you can do more than 3, adjust the load on your next set by adding weight to get to a true 3 RM Set. The weeks transition from Hypertrophy Goals (15 RM) to Strength Goals (3 RM).

Focus is the key to achieve your goals!

Train Hard, Train Smart and Stay Healthy!

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