Hi Dr. Bell, how to do you activate the Glutes? I can’t seem to feel them when I do squats or most other exercises. Is there a way to isolate them? I really want to feel the burn so I know I’m working them right!

Obviously you have to go deep into the Lactic Acid Energy System and go to failure on 15 Rep Max(RM) Sets to feel the burn! To feel the burn isolated in your Glutes(Gluteus Maximus), you are going to have to perform Sumo-Squats like most Powerlifters, in order to shift the stress from the Quads to your Glutes. The Bodybuilder Squat has the bar high on the neck which shifts the stress forward to your Quads. The Powerlifter Squat positions the bar low, on top of the Scapula which moves the stress backward to your Glutes. Many people are reluctant to perform Squats to failure for fear of injury or at least the fear of getting stuck in the “Bucket” at the bottom of a Squat and never getting out until some Good Samaritans take pity on your plight and supply a Crane to get you back up again!

The safest way to perform Squats are inside a Power Rack with the stop bars set at your lowest position. You can and should use 1 or 3 spotters to help you maintain your form and safe technique. You can also use your spotter(s) for “Forced Reps” to take you even deeper into the Lactic Acid Energy System so you will feel an even higher levels of burn. You can use the Smith Machine to Squat to perform “Stripping or Multi-Poundage” Systems as a variation, but make sure it is a Squat Smith Machine, which is perpendicular to the floor. The angled Smith Machine is used for Bench Presses. You can also feel the highest level of burns you have ever felt in your Glutes by performing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on the Recumbent Bike. Your Work Interval is 15-30 secs. Your Rest Interval should be around 4 mins to start and you can decrease your Rest Interval 30 secs. each workout and add a W.I. with each workout. If your W.I. are all-out, 100% effort, you will begin to feel your Lactic Acid System working furiously and your Glutes burning hotter than the surface of the Sun.

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