Hey Dr. Bell, what are the best exercises to target the oblique muscles? That seems to be my weakest area and where I carry around the most weight. Any suggestions would be great.

One study showed an increase in activation of the Internal & External Oblique’s when you perform Crunches on a Stability Ball. Besides twisting Crunches on a Ball and their myriad of variations: Russian Twists with a medicine ball, etc.

You can also perform all Single-Arm Dumbbell exercises: Farmer’s Carry, Squat, Shoulder Press, Lunges, Dumbbell Bench Press. Try Single Arm-Single Leg for a bigger challenge.

You can also use a Suspension Trainer for Pendulum Swings, Pikes, Pikes with Swing, etc. Try:

Spider Man Pushups, Hanging Oblique Raises, Hanging Hurdles, Hanging Tucks with Twists, V-Ups, “L” seats, Bicycle crunch, Twisting Medicine Twists & Catch, Cable Chops in One Knee Kneeling position, Cross-Body Mountain Climbers, Front Levers, Side Planches, Side Planches with hip lowering/raising, Bird-Dogs, Side Leg Plank, Side Planches.

You should still remember that no matter how great your abs are, if they are covered in fat…you won’t see them. You still need to reduce fat to get them to show.

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