Hey Dr. Bell,

What is the ideal calorie count per day? I know there are many variables, but is there a formula based on calorie intake, body fat and calories burned? I just cut 500 calories a day. My calorie intake is now 1600. How low can you safely go?

Thank you for the good question. You are safe at 1,600 calories/day. BUT, Please be cautious about your calorie intake. Low calorie or low carbohydrate intake over a long period of time can lead to serious medical and health problems.

For example: Karen Carpenter, who suffered from Anorexia for years actually died from Ketosis. Ketosis is caused by very low carbohydrate or calorie consumption. Her Ketosis destroyed many of her internal organs, including her heart!

I am admittedly more conservative than some medical experts, I do not recommend you go below 1,500 calories/day without a doctor’s supervision. Even at 1,500 calories/day, you should be consuming the most nutrient dense foods: Fruits, Vegetables & complete proteins.

The most popular calculation for determining caloric intake/day is: 12 x Body Weight = Calories/Day (BUT: Not less than 1,500/day). Thank you again for the excellent question.

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