August 29, 2017Eat Your Greens and Live a Longer, Happier Life!

New Study by the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION, July, 2017 confirms, once again, you improve your health, longevity and lifestyle with exercise and nutrition! The new research showed that if you eat nitrate rich vegetables, i.e.: beets, lettuce, spinach, etc., you lower you risk of dying from a cardiac event: stroke, heart attack, etc.

The study shows that your digestive process will convert the nitrates into nitric oxide (NO). NO will relax and therefore widen your blood vessels which will in turn lower your blood pressure. In previous Blogs and FitBit Articles I reported how NO can also improve your sex live. Coupled with exercise, particularly Cardio Exercise, you can be better than you were at 18 so you can throw the viagra in the trash where it will be far safer for you.

As far as Longevity goes, the researchers studied the diets of 1,226 older women who did not have any sign of fatty plaque build-up in their arteries (the cause of Atherosclerosis) and continued to track them for 15 years. The results showed that the more Nitrate containing vegetables the women ate, the lower their risk of developing Atherosclerosis and dying of cardiovascular disease.

The researchers also showed by testing the degree of fatty plaque and thickening of their carotid (neck) arteries, that the women who consumed the most nitrate containing vegetables had the least signs of Atherosclerosis and less risk of stroke. According to these researchers: Just ONE serving/day of these leafy green and nitrate containing vegetables may be enough to lower your risk for stroke and potentially other cardiovascular diseases.For more in-depth knowledge of using Nutrition, checkout the IFPA Sports Nutrition Certification.

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