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You might be surprised to read about the story of the woman intent on suing her personal trainer. All the guy did was instruct her to do jumping jacks while she held a medicine ball over her head. Then the pain started. Extreme pain that seriously stopped this client in her tracks. Her medical insurance company covered less than a tenth of the amount of her MRI, and she had many more tests ahead of her. After her trainer’s advice she suffered a dislocated rib and a compression fracture of her T-6 vertebrae.

Such a simple exercise and all that pain. This woman was further incensed when the gym started dodging her calls and only communicated with her via email. So that’s the second lesson: keep an open conversation going with your client if anything should happen.

The best of intentions will not keep you immune from becoming the subject of a lawsuit. In this case, the client had a right to restitution, we can only hope the gym, the trainer, the owner and anyone else involved had the right protection in place.

Is this story meant to send you running out of the gym? Not at all! We tell it because we want you to be aware that there are unseen risks to the advice you give your client. What if this woman had a degenerative disk condition? What if she were prone to injury? Your passion and drive to work as a certified personal trainer shouldn’t cool or slow down because things can happen. Really accidents can happen anywhere at any time, whether it’s a slip and fall on a freshly mopped floor in the locker room that didn’t have a warning sign or a turned ankle on the stairway.

When you’ve worked as hard as you have to attain your personal and professional fitness goals, protecting yourself is one of the easiest chores. Save yourself some grief in the event of a claim or lawsuit by applying for Professional Liability Insurance.

Ever wonder what it would be like to get sued and lose your career? We don’t either! Which is why we’re presenting a FREE Webinar to all who sign up, on the role of Liability Insurance in a Fitness professional’s Career.

CPH & Associates and IFPA have partnered to bring excellent liability insurance to IFPA members, so you can protect your career and have peace of mind in your practice. CPH & Associates has more than 15 years of experience providing coverage that protects professionals from unforeseen accidents in their industry. On this webinar we will explain coverage types and an overview of common claims scenarios that fitness professionals face with their clients, and how to always protect yourself and career.

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