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What are your thoughts on Peak Contraction Training? In the gym today one guy was arguing it was the best way to put on muscle and the other guy was saying Peak Contraction Training reduces results and causes injury. Would you recommend Peak Contraction Training to put on size? Thanks, JJ

The “Peak Contraction System” is a training technique used by Bodybuilders to increase definition, separation, shape and what Bodybuilders refer to as “hardness” in their muscles. Bodybuilders will typically rely on this technique as an integral part of their contest preparation.

To perform the Peak Contraction System, you will complete every Rep for every exercise with a “Peak Contraction.” You do this at the end of each Concentric Contraction by performing a maximal contraction and holding it with your strongest flexion for 1-4 seconds. This is a very demanding all-out-effort. If you are not well conditioned or within optimal Biochemical Balance, you maybe susceptible to muscle spams and cramping.

Most Bodybuilders will do these Peak Contractions in front of a mirror to watch their muscles flex and aid in visualizing a maximal contraction. Many Bodybuilders I am friends with love this technique. Though I have never been sure if they love how this technique makes their muscles look, or they just love to look at their muscles.

The “Peak Contraction System” is an effective training mode that will increase muscle definition if performed correctly. However, if you lack the necessary strength and conditioning, injury could occur, as is possible anytime an unconditioned trainee attempts Maximal Contractions!

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