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During the holidays, many clients take a break from exercise. Some may take a break to enjoy the holidays with their families and others for medical reasons. When clients take breaks from training it is important for their trainers to set limits when they are ready to resume training in order to get their bodies warmed back up and back on track. Trainers have to remember that although some clients may feel equipped to get back into the gym, their body may not be prepared.

For those clients that are craving a training session after an absence from training due to medical reasons, it will be safer to set boundaries. Setting these boundaries for clients will help to avoid a lawsuit. Trainers need to set these limits for the safety of the clients and their business. Stay in communication with your client about how their body is feeling, if anything causes pain the client should take it more slowly to avoid injury.

Before a client returns from a break, make sure the client is cleared and in good health. Clients that have taken a leave due to medical reasons definitely need to speak with their doctor before returning to train. It may be necessary to make it a requirement for clients to provide proof that they are cleared by their doctor to begin working out again. No trainer knows the exact severity of a client’s medical condition better than the client’s personal doctor. Once the patient is in the clear to begin their regimen, it reduces the risk that the client will become injured, or aggravate a medical issue, during the session.

Even though a client may be cleared by their doctor to begin working out again, trainers should still keep a watchful eye. Observing a client’s progress is extremely important in the gym. Being attentive to their specific needs for workout modifications are a must. When a client is mentioning that they are in physical pain, listen. Avoiding a lawsuit is more important than pushing the limit and compromising a client’s capabilities.

Trainer insurance is another layer of protection when it comes to protecting your career against lawsuits from an injured client. Should a client experience an injury during a training session, trainer insurance provides coverage to pay for the damages caused from the injury as well as the defense costs, typically the most expensive part of a lawsuit. Trainer insurance can be obtained for as low as $100 for the year. Get a quote now and create peace of mind for your businesses future.

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