Dear Dr. Bell, I’m brand new to working out. I have cellulite on my back, stomach and butt. I’m embarrassed I let myself go the way I have, but I’m ready to get it together! I keep reading different things. Is it true that once you have cellulite it never goes away? Even if I eat right and work out, will it never fade? Are there any specific things to do to combat cellulite outside of normal lifting and eating right? Thanks so much for your help!

There is no such thing as Cellulite! Cellulite is a word made-up in the late 70’s to describe the Lumpy look fat gets when it is stored above Atrophied muscles.

Look at the classic Endomorph build. Endomorphs have a powerful musculature, but have considerable fat storage visible on top of their muscle. They have a very solid look due to the muscle beneath the fat. Everyone needs to realize, there is only ONE Form of FAT! It looks different…LUMPY and unattractive for ONE and ONLY ONE Reason: due to lack of exercise, their muscles have atrophied!

When you see “Cellulite” form, you need to realize you are losing a significant amount of muscle that must be regenerated through exercise! To improve this look, you have only one course of action… to  change your LIFESTYLE! You will need to strength train to build muscle and use appropriate nutrition strategies to lose the fat. You can build muscle while burning fat if you know your nutrition principles.

As for the “Experts” you referred to, that promote the idea, once you get “Cellulite,” it will never go away….We have a very specific Technical Term for them…We Classify those “Guru’s” as IDIOTS, or Unscrupulous (when they are making money from the misinformed)!

The IFPA has many nutrition courses to keep you informed against the idiots and unscrupulous. I recommend you start with the IFPA Sports Nutrition Certification Course to give you the knowledge, skills and abilities you need, to help yourself and your clients achieve their Body Composition Goals!

I want to take a moment to congratulate you on making the decision to begin changing your lifestyle. Nothing in life comes easy, but I promise, your overall quality of life will improve in ways you can’t even begin to imagine. Get into the mentality that this is not about diet and exercise, it’s about a complete lifestyle change that has no expiration date. Take great pride in every step you take forward and only look back to see how far you have come.

Good luck to you in all your endeavors,

Dr. Bell

CEO of the IFPA

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