March 2, 2015


I have a workout question. So currently my weekly workout schedule is as follows:

(1) Arms (Biceps,Triceps,Forearms) (2) Back (3) Chest (4) Legs (5) Shoulders (6) Recovery Day REPEAT ** I add in Deadlifts with shoulder day and Abs every other day**

Im at the point now were I can have a real tough workout and be good with that muscle group in 2 days. I know recovery is very important when building muscle, but right now I only hit those muscle groups once per week. If I started two-a-days so I can hit each muscle group twice per week will that help or hurt continued muscle/strength building?

Hey Pal,

Two-a-days are used for Hypertrophy more than strength gains, but even in a strength gain goal, increasing hypertrophy for about 3-4 weeks of a Periodized Program can be effective.

I will do this for you but first we need to go over signs and symptoms of OVER-TRAINING(OT)!

1) Monitor/Log your Resting Heart Rate(RHR) every morning, first thing in the morning before you get out of bed. Take it for a full minute to get an accurate RHR. An increase in RHR shows evidence of OT

2) Keep an accurate Training Log(TL). Decreases in performance are evidence of OT.

3) Watch sleep patterns. If you have trouble getting to sleep or do not feel rested after sleep or NEED more sleep, are all evidence of OT.

4) Watch appetite. Decrease in appetite could be OT.

5) Monitor your motivation level. Decreasing motivation is a sign of OT.

When you perform many sessions each week, you have to watch out for the synergistic muscles being OT. The rotator cuff is used equally for chest/back and shoulders, so these groups must have adequate rest between training sessions.

Day 1: 1st session: Chest, Day 1: 2nd Session: Back
Day 2: 1st session: Triceps, Day 2: 2nd Session: Biceps
Day 3: 1st session: Quadriceps, Day 3: 2nd Session: Hamstrings
Day 4: 1st session: Shoulders, Day 4: 2nd Session: Trapezius
Day 5: 1st session : Forearms, Day 5: 2nd Session: Calves
Day 6: Recovery Day

Day 1: 1st session: Chest/Back, Day 1: 2nd Session: Shoulders/Trapezius
Day 2: 1st session: Quadriceps/Hams, Day 2: 2nd Session: HIIT Cardio
Day 3: 1st session: Triceps/Biceps, Day 3: 2nd Session: Forearms/Calves
Day 4: Recovery Day

You can still do abs every day or every other day. If you can get your hands on protein drinks, preferable with BCAAs+ Glutamine, that will help recovery. Deadlift on leg sessions.

Good Luck Pal!

Best regards,

Dr Jim Bell

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