What are the Benefits to High Rep Training?

Before I give you the technically correct answer, I want you to understand that High Reps is a matter of “Relativity.”

The Powerlifter, that performs most of their workouts in the 1-5 RM Range (and sometimes heavier when performing Eccentric Training) think the Bodybuilders, that perform many of their workouts in the 8-15RM Range are doing High Rep Systems. Actually some of my Powerlifter friends think 15RM is Cardio!

In reality, High Rep Training Systems are 50-100 Rep Sets designed to work Type I Aerobic Fiber and target your Aerobic Energy System. I also feel strongly that High Rep Systems specifically target the mitochondria in your cells. Mitochondria are the “PowerHouse” of your cells and create the energy molecule Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP), you need to perform all physical activity.

One of the primary reasons why we age prematurely is from the loss of Mitochondrial Activity due to our lack of physical activity. If you sit at a desk all day and never move, your Mitochondria have no reason to create the ATP molecules. These molecules provide the energy for every move we make. When you have a prospective client tell you “I know I need to exercise, but I have no energy for exercise,” you will respond the way you learned in Phase I of the IFPA Personal Training System: Client Consulting:

“I understand how you feel Mr. Prospect. Many of my clients have felt the same way. However, what we have found is that my exercise program, designed specifically for you, will not take energy from you, it will create energy for you. I am so sure of the success of my programming that I will guarantee you, if you don’t feel better and more energized after we complete our training session, I will give your money back.”

This is the primary reason for the High Rep Systems, not only to energize your clients, but to burn their fat in the process, because the ATP Molecules is a product of fat breakdown inside the mitochondria.

If you design your workout correctly: warm-up, workout, cool-down and use the IFPA Training Principles you learn in the IFPA Personal Trainer Certification Course, you will not only NEVER have to refund a dime, you will achieve your clients’ goals 4 times faster than other trainers, rejuvenate your clients physiology 20 years of premature aging in as little as 8 weeks, and you will do this safely and effectively.

If you are thinking a 50-100 Rep Systems is a Cardio Mode of Training, and wouldn’t it be better if you just did more traditional forms of cardio?…The answer is, like many goals in fitness…it depends!

No known cardio exercise works every muscle in your body. As a result, there is no known way for you to work every mitochondria in your body through traditional cardio modes. Also consider the facts that all your cardio exercise can only exercise limited amount of muscles, around a limited amount of joints for a limited amount of Range of Motion (ROM).

For example, consider the ROM of your knee when you walk, jog or run, to the ROM of your knee when you perform a Squat. You can easily image many more mitochondria being forced to work through a far greater ROM than running. Of course if you go into an all-out Sprint, you increase the ROM, but Sprinting is not Aerobic exercise and has far less influence over the mitochondria. The biggest objection to High Rep Systems is they are time consuming and monotonous. Many people would find it tedious to perform 100 Squats with standard form and timing and then do the same for each and every muscle group. This is the primary reason for my development of Bell Protocols.

Bell Protocols are combination exercises. In Bell Protocol ONE, you will hold 2 light dumbbells in your hands. Start with the dumbbells in your hands as if you just brought them up in a bicep curl. Your body will be in the upright position for your Sumo Squat. You will begin the moving going down Eccentrically in the Squat as the dumbbells come down Eccentrically in the Bicep Curl. Move your body and dumbbells at the same 4 second pace so the dumbbells arrive at the bottom at the same time you arrive at the bottom of the Squat, pause and start back upward Concentrically (2 second place) with the dumbbells again keeping pace with your body to complete both movements simultaneously back to start, but you DO NOT Stop: You immediately transition to the 2nd movement: a Dumbbell Press with a Heel Raise! Again both exercises are completed simultaneously up and down: Concentric/Eccentric. This completes ONE REP! At the completion of the 2nd movement, you immediately transition back to the first movement and keep going without stopping until you completes the desired number of Reps, i.e.: 50-100.

Bell Protocol 2 combines 5 exercises: 3 exercises in the first movement and 2 exercises in the 2nd movement and requires a change in stance to a narrow stance with the toes angled in. Movement ONE is a Stiff-legged Dead-lift (Keep the knees bent at 5-15 degrees to keep the stress off the low back) with a Regular Wrist curl AND Reverse Wrist Curl (The ROM for wrist curls is far less than a Dead-Lift). Movement TWO is a Shrug with a Heel Raise (Feet close together with toes angled in changes the stress on the lower leg from the Sumo Position). You have just completed 9 different exercises, but you will also notice that every time you go up on your toes, ALL your CORE muscles activate! Virtually every muscle in your body is forced to put forth some effort during these exercises!

These Bell Protocols enable you to complete far more in less time than traditional High Rep Systems, enable you to recruit a far greater quantity of Mitochondria, burn more fat and energize your clients! Since it is currently believed that the number one reason for premature aging is loss of mitochondrial efficiency, this may be the best “Fountain of Youth” you and your clients have available!

Good luck! Stay healthy! Stay young!

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