Hey Dr. Bell, someone told me I should get a dipping belt. What exactly is a dipping belt used for? Would you recommend it?

Your friend must have watched you doing a lot of Dips with ease. If you follow the Gradual Progressive Overload (GPO) Principle, once you can do over 15 Repetitions of an exercise, you need to add load. You also need to add load if you are going to follow a Periodized Training Program: i.e.: 3 weeks each at 15RM (Repetitions Maximum) 12RM, 10RM, 8RM, 5RM, 1-3RM Sets.

For exercises like the Dip, Pull-Up, Chin-Up, etc., you’ll need a Dipping Belt. A Dipping Belt is a belt that goes around your waist and has a chain attached that hangs down between your legs. You attach the appropriate amount of Weight Plates to the chain to provide yourself the resistance (LOAD) you need for your RM goal.

As a refresher, RM = Repetition Maximum = the amount of LOAD (Resistance) needed to achieve a desired amount of Reps. For example: 15 RM = the amount of weight (LOAD/Resistance) you need to do precisely 15 Reps with proper form, NOT 14, NOT 16, but precisely 15.

Please refer to your IFPA Personal Trainer Certification Course to review your exercise science Principals. I recommend the IFPA Program Design Specialist Certification Course if you want to add Periodization Training to your Scope of Practice and help you become a Master of Your Craft.

Good Luck,

Dr. Jim Bell

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