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Many personal trainers believe because their gym has liability insurance they are automatically covered under the policy should an incident occur with one of their clients. Have you considered what happens when training is done outside of the gym, or if the gym’s policy doesn’t have enough coverage for the defense costs of the gym and everyone named in the suit. Both of these scenarios are reasons every personal trainer should have their own trainer insurance.

If an accident occurs during a training session with a client and your name is mentioned in the lawsuit along with the gym/studio – in most cases the gym’s insurance will more than likely kick in, however defense costs are expensive and add up quickly. Depending on the limits of the policy and the number of people named in the lawsuit will depend on if there is enough money to cover the defense costs for everyone named in the suit.

In this scenario an individual policy for personal trainers will cover the costs associated with the trainer. Defense costs are the most expensive part of a lawsuit and typically must be paid whether the lawsuit is warranted or not to prove yourself not guilty.

If you plan on training outside of the gym or having clients on the side with in-home training, an individual policy will cover you should a client have an accident during a session outside of gym or studio. Individual trainer insurance is also portable, it can be taken with you should you decide to switch gyms or create your own business.

Common negligence claims personal trainers face:

  • An accident happening where a client falls off of a treadmill.
  • Too heavy of weight being put on a machine during a workout causing an injury.
  • A pin not being put into the machine properly resulting in a client injury.
  • Sexual misconduct claims where a trainer may be trying to be funny, but the client doesn’t find it that way and sues over what was said or done.

Trainer insurance provides coverage against all of these claims and will pay for the defense costs associated with a lawsuit as well as medical costs. We believe every trainer should have their own policy. Trainer insurance can be purchased for as low as $75 for the year, depending on employment status and number of hours worked each week. Discounts are available for part-time trainers. Instant quotes available online.

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