November 24, 2015

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What is the difference between Giants Sets and Titan Sets?

Long before Cross Fit started using High Intensity Training of 5 or more sets, bodybuilders and weightlifters performed High Volume Training with very brief Rest Intervals between sets to stimulate muscular hypertrophy.

Considering the Following Breakdown:

Super Set: Two Sets, performed with no rest between the two sets. Typically for Agonist-Antagonist muscles. A brief Rest Interval is allowed between the Super Set.

Tri Set: Three Sets, performed with no rest between the three sets.

Giant Set: Four Sets performed with no rest between the four sets.

Titan Set: Five or more Sets performed with little (30 seconds MAX) or no rest between the sets. Titan Sets are a highly demanding form of High Intensity Training than can be used to simultaneously improve hypertrophy, strength and cardiovascular endurance.

The following is an example of a Titan Set:

  1. Squat – 8RM
  2. Stiff Legged Deadlift – 8RM
  3. Single Leg Step Up – 12 RM
  4. Single Leg, Leg Curl, on the Stability Ball – 12 RM
  5. Leg Extension – 8 RM
  6. Leg Curl – 8 RM
  7. Heel Raise – 12 RM
  8. Toe – Dorsal Flexion – 12 RM

You take little or no rest between each set until the Titan Set is completed (all 8 exercises). Then take 2-4 minutes rest and repeat. You can build up to doing 4 Titan Sets with as little as 2 minute rests. You can easily combine Program Designs. For example, if you want to combine Titan Sets with Periodization, you can perform 15 RM Titan Sets for 3 weeks and then increase the load (Intensity increases as you increase the weight) every 3 week microcycle to 12 RM, 8RM, 6RM, 3RM, Active Rest.

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