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Silex d.o.o. (FIT Tovarna)
Tržaška cesta 67A
2000 Maribor

IFPA-FT company SLO

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Email: [email protected]
Phone: +386 40 888 503

About the Slovenia affiliates

Our Programs
FIT Tovarna Slovenia started with our own personal trainer program, but since we wanted to offer our clients international recognized licenses that would enable them to work anywhere in Europe and in the World, we started to cooperate with IFPA.

We currently offer the IFPA Personal Trainer Course, Advance Personal Trainer Course, Sports Nutrition Course, Pre & Post Natal Course and other diversified workshops and webinars, such as business coaching, Vegetarian and Vegan eating, Booty-Camp etc. Our IFPA course selection is expanding rapidly, so check out our web page for what’s new!

FIT Tovarna

We say that at FIT Tovarna (FIT Factory) we are a family. We want everybody here to feel at home and we do our best to meet everyone’s wishes.

FIT Tovarna is a privately-owned fitness facility, that offers mostly one-on-one personal training or personal trainings for couples and small groups. We also offer corporate wellness programs to companies that want to do more for the well-being of their employees.

From our time and experience in the fitness industry, we discovered there are a lot of “personal trainers” without proper knowledge, hence we decided to do a personal trainer course for them, that would include more practice and not just theory. That’s why we love IFPA programs, as they are one of the most practical programs around.

In FIT Tovarna we offer IFPA certified trainer courses as well as, top-class workshops that we created by ourselves on the grounds of our experiences with hundreds of different clients we trained.

Our Mission

As an educator, we want to deliver the best Personal Trainers in Slovenia, with broad knowledge and great practical skills. We want to be recognized as the best educator in the region.

As a fitness provider, we want to assure the best possible conditions for training of our clients, and we also want to enhance the quality of people’s lives.

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