A New Test To Check Your Client’s Heart Health

ECGs, MRIs, CT Scans are some of the many different tests Doctors use to check for risks of heart problems.

Some tests are noninvasive and do not require a Doctor to insert a device into the body, while other exams can be invasive and require a catheter to be inserted into blood vessels.

Dr. Jesús Peteiro, a cardiologist at University Hospital A Coruña, Spain, wanted to find a quick, easy way for people to check their heart health.

Dr. Peteiro explained, “”The idea was to find a simple and inexpensive method of assessing heart health. This can help physicians triage patients for more extensive examinations.”

And here it is trainers!

If your client can climb four flights of stairs in less than a minute, they most likely have a healthy heart.


Highlights from the Study


In the study, 165 symptomatic patients were asked to climb four flights of stairs (60 stairs) at a fast pace without stopping, but also without running, and the time was recorded.

The patients first engaged in exercise until exhaustion and after 15-20 minutes of rest, began the climb.

Exercise capacity was measured as metabolic equivalents (METs).

Patients who climbed the stairs in less than 40-45 seconds achieved more than 9-10 METs.

Previous studies have shown that 10 METs during an exercise test is linked with a low mortality rate (1% or less per year, or 10% in 10 years).

In contrast, patients who took 1.5 minutes or longer to climb the stairs achieved less than 8 METs, which translates to a mortality rate of 2-4% per year, or 30% in 10 years.

In conclusion


Climbing four flights of stairs is an easy way to check your client’s heart health.

Depending on the client, it might be worth adding the “Stair Climb” to their Fitness Testing Regimen to track any changes that would indicate a need for a checkup with their Doctor.



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