Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday translates into Easter Brunch, Easter Dinner 1, Easter Breakfast, Easter Dinner 2, Easter Brunch 2…and it goes on and on until you run out of friends and family to celebrate with, and all the leftovers have officially run out.

The damage is done. You have overindulged the past four days.

Full disclosure…so have I.

We came, we saw, we conquered. Our clothes may fit a tad snugger than we can remember. We enjoyed ourselves, but now it’s time to get back to the grind!


Purge! It’s very simple and yet, oh so hard at the same time. Put on your favorite pump-up song, listen to your favorite motivational Podcast, do whatever you need to do, to get your head in the game, take a deep breath and then…. dispose of all the chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, chemically induced marshmallow little critters and every other Easter calorie monster that is still residing in your home.

Personally, I think Tip 1 is the hardest. Once you do that, it’s smooth sailing.



Get back into your workout routine today! Right now even. Stop reading, knock it out and come back to finish my lifechanging blog. Do not let yourself keep saying “tomorrow.” Get it done today. Waiting for “tomorrow” can become a habit quick. When most people fall off the fitness wagon, it is usually due to some event that interrupts their routine. The longer the routine is off track, the less likely you are to return to it. So, get on it!




If you skipped your workout for the past few days, you need to start slow. It’s important to ease back into things depending on how long you have been away from the gym.

Option 1)

Perform the same workout you would normally have scheduled but drop the intensity for the first session and spend a few extra minutes warming up and cooling down.

Option 2)

Change it up completely with a slow and smooth run, pool workout, bike ride, yoga, etc. Get the muscles pumping and the blood flowing, but with a lower impact session.




Return to your normal eating habits. Do not skip meals to makeup for your Easter fun or go on any extreme diets. Don’t dwell on what you ate. You enjoyed yourself. Move on. Plan your meals for the week, make sure you are drinking enough water, and you will recover in a few days.




Expect it to be hard in the beginning. For me, when I’m getting back on track, it’s usually the first three days that are the toughest. I am fine all day, but at night, when my daughter is finally asleep and I can relax in front of the TV, that is when the chocolate bunny ghosts’ of Easter Past, haunts me. I want them so bad. If they were in the house, I wouldn’t be able to resist, hence, why Tip 1 is to perform a Peep Exorcism. Stay strong. I promise by day two or three, your withdrawal symptoms will have diminished.




Many trainers will suggest avoiding the scale for a few days after indulging during the holidays. Dr. Bell (aka Dad) is a big proponent of weighing yourself at the same time every day, especially if your ultimate goal is “fat-loss”. If you are religiously weighing yourself everyday to get an accurate picture of your weight, our advice is to keep at it. If you gained weight, and you don’t step on the scale…it still happened. It might make you cringe, but after a few days of eating healthy and exercising, your weight will drop back down to normal, and the scale will reflect that. This might be the reality check you need to make better choices during the holidays.




Avoid the discount section in your grocery store. Now that Easter is over, every leftover delicious temptation is lurking in a giant bin…discounted, calling your name. Stay strong, avoid the aisle, or if the world is against you and Cadbury Eggs have been strategically placed at checkout where you can’t avoid them, remember your goals, and the progress you have made. Know the temptation will be there and you are strong enough to resist the calling….


Next year Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs…I promise we will be reunited next year.




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