Important notice to all IFPA certified Personal Fitness Trainers!  The following article presents an excellent reason why all your clients need to refer you to (and bring you) all their friends and family.  You are not doing your best for your clients’ fat loss programs unless you include their friends and family, and this article …

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FITBit November 2020

Program Design: Phase 4 of the IFPA Personal Training System The best program designs will take all the information you gather from your personal trainer client during the Client Consult and Assessment, Fitness Testing and your Exercise Prescription Phases and customize it for a very specific, safe, and effective Program Design to meet you clients’ …

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FITBIT March 2020

Biomechanic Basics for Sport and Exercise Improving Sport and Exercise Performance Requires an Understanding of Biomechanics. Biomechanics is the study of forces and their effects on living systems. Sport and exercise biomechanics are the study of forces and their effects on humans in exercise and sport. The ultimate goal of sport and exercise biomechanics is …

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FITBIT December 2018

What is the Perfect Weight Loss or More Accurate “Fat Loss” Diet? I hope you don’t hate me for telling you the truth, but you have a far better chance of success on a Unicorn Hunt than you have of finding the perfect fat loss diet. All food diets are based on recycled Myths. Every …

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FITBIT February 2019

Building the Best Legs Through Variation: Front Thigh (Quadriceps) The most effective muscular contractions occur when a muscle is pre-stretched to 120%  of resting length. The pre-stretch is a necessity to optimize the alignment of the attachment sites  between the muscle’s actin and myosin filaments. Certain exercises will need adjusting to  achieve 120% of resting …

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FITBIT April 2020

Corrective Exercise Program Design For Back Pain Until recently, the primary role of personal trainers has been to help people lose weight, or more accurately: lose fat, build muscle, “firm and tone-up”, improve athletic performance, enhance aesthetic “looks” and improve overall health. Personal trainers use exercise instruction, prescriptions, education and motivation to help their clients …

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FITBIT October 2020

Keeping Your Back Healthy As the Pandemic claims lives, inactivity is claiming backs. The more inactive you are, the more likely you are to develop back disorders. Over 80% of the adult population will experience at least one painful back disorder, and those are statistics PRE-Pandemic. As debilitating as inactivity and back disorders can be, …

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FITBIT September 2020

When to Recommend Protein Powders to Your Clients? Let’s start with a refresher before we dive into this topic. How much protein does an individual need to consume, fitness goals aside? The most current research indicates the limit of how much protein you can take in and utilize is approximately 1.5-2.0 grams of protein/kilogram of …

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FITBIT June 2020

Stress and Sleepless Nights – 22 Tips For When You’re Too Stressed to Rest Stress is prevalent in our daily lives. Work, finances, family, friends, responsibilities all take a toll. On an average day, with nothing going particularly wrong, you can experience high levels of stress. There is no way to sugar coat it, 2020 …

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FITBIT May 2020

Correcting Foot Pain and Maintaining Foot Health During Isolation Most IFPA Certified Trainers around the World, and their clients alike, continue to experience Quarantines, Closed Gyms, and isolation. For those clients, that have chosen not to engage with you through online training, their daily steps counts are dangerously low. Even if your clients are continuing …

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