Gain all the necessary theoretical & practical knowledge and...

become a first-class personal trainer!

(You will not only get extensive knowledge on fitness and nutrition, but we will also teach you how to use it in practice and how to get your first clients.)

Who Is This For?

Well, let's reveal to you what we have prepared for you…

We have created a special package that will instantly put you among the most educated personal trainers...


The Premium VIP Package is our most comprehensive Personal Fitness Trainer Package, designed to provide you with everything you need to succeed in the fitness industry.

This course contains all the essentials for starting & accelerating your coaching career:

All knowledge will be delivered via our On-Line Learning platform and Live Guided Learning hours.

All you have to do is study the materials, and later – when we set the date – you take the exam.


We also go through The ONE missing piece of the personal training success puzzle...

There’s one factor crucial for success in this line of work.

One factor that the vast majority of certifications either completely AVOID or even intentionally LEAVE OUT.

And it’s this one factor that will determine whether or not you will be able to turn personal training into a profitable business allowing you to live the life of your dreams.

Of course – I am talking about business skills.

But not just any business skills…

You need a toolbox of business skills explicitly tailored to starting & running a successful PT business, whether you do it on your own or under the umbrella of your employer.

At IFPA, we are the only ones to include the business segment in the basic program for personal trainers.

But now we have gone a step further…

But now we have gone a step further...

In addition to the IFPA certification package, you also get a ticket to our Exclusive 1-Day Business Startup Seminar where we deep dive into learning all the crucial aspects of SELF-PROMOTION (that gets people to know you), SMART MARKETING (that attracts potential clients), and NO-PRESSURE SALES TACTICS (so you can sign them and get paid)…

(More information in the Bonus Section)

But don’t be fooled by all the promises…

Even though you get all the information you need to become successful in this business…

And despite the fact that we will connect you with successful fitness trainers who will give you their best advice…

That doesn’t mean everything will fall into your lap.

It’s still up to you to put that knowledge into practice…

What Do You Get If You Sign Up For Premium VIP Certification Package?

But that's not all... You also get 3 huge bonuses!

+ Free bonus 1

Exclusive 1-Day Business Startup Seminar

What you’re gonna learn?

Total Value: $597

+ Free bonus 2

Free Acess to a 2-Day Live Event
(March 26th & 27th)

What you’re gonna learn?

Total Value: $997

+ Free bonus 3

“Nutrition Expert” Seminar

What you’re gonna learn?

Total Value: $497

How much it costs?

We could easily charge $3,000 for this package (including access to 3 of our Live Events).

But we’re not going to…

Not even $1,500…

Why? Times are tough and we want to help you out.

Our Chief Finance Officer didn’t like it, but we decided to make this offer accessible to everyone who is ambitious and wants to make a step forward in their lives (even in these hard times).


Value: $5,091+
Regular price: $1,897

Special price: $997

But before I give you a chance to sign up, you have to do ONE MORE THING ...

Since the number of slots is limited and because I want every student to “succeed”, I want to first make sure that the IFPA program is right for you.

So your next step is to book a 20-MINUTE CALL WITH ME, during which we will discuss your wishes, goals, experiences and work together to determine if we IFPA course is what you need.

Alex Potrc, Director of Education at the IFPA

Let me explain why you have to book a call with me first…

The least I want is for the course to run out of space for a hard-working and ambitious (future) personal trainer just because his place was taken by someone who didn’t have the right ambitions.

And don’t worry, this WON’T be some sales call, it’ll be more like a relaxed conversation.

That’s it…

Now I invite you to click the button below and BOOK YOUR CALL!

With all the different certifications on the market... WHY trust us?

Fair question.

Let us give you the facts, then you can decide for yourself whether you want to trust us or not…

Since 1994, we have served the fitness community through our practical fitness education certifications and courses while providing a lifelong career resource for the IFPA Family.

We helped more than 365,736 people worldwide become certified personal trainers and fitness professionals who are passionate about health and fitness.

And no…

We’re not telling you all this to brag.

We just want you to know that we have a proven record of pumping out elite personal trainers that build reliable businesses, which support their families and lifestyle.

The best part?

We make the process of becoming a certified fitness professional, straightforward, and painless.

Our easy-to-master content lays the foundation that launches our trainers into successful careers FAST.

The IFPA is accredited by NCCA: National Commission for Certifying Agencies and EREPS: European Register of Exercise Professionals. Also – all our fitness certifications including both the Personal Fitness Trainer Certification and our Advanced and Specialized Certifications, are approved by the VA: Veterans Affairs.

Frequently asked questions and answers...

Congratulations on your achievements and dedication to excellence. Once you become a personal trainer, your experience will definitely give you an edge over other personal trainers.

However, club owners will not hire you and insurance companies will not insure you if you are not a certified personal trainer. Despite a wealth of practical experience, you will need a certification to prove you understand the science behind training to ensure you will DO NO HARM to the public you will be charged with training. Training a 60-year old with osteoarthritis has nothing to do with bodybuilding!

Likewise, training a 40-year old, overweight individual has nothing to do with bodybuilding. Personal Fitness Training has little to do with the type of sports conditioning required of a competitive athlete.

Your athletic achievements, though a well-earned source of pride and display of dedication and discipline, do not prove your competence to train others safely and effectively. Your IFPA certification shows a level of professional competence far superior to any championship when it comes to becoming a successful personal fitness trainer.

Congratulations on completing a very demanding course of study! Once certified, this education will set you apart from other personal trainers.

However, you do need a certification. Even with a Masters Degree most gym owners will not hire you and most insurances companies will not insure you. Despite 2 (or more) years of dedicated academic study, most gyms know that you have little or no practical application in fitness. Certifications satisfy this demand.


Once you purchase and pass a certification exam, you are a member.

At the end of two years, you must renew your certification by purchasing either 12 CEUs (continuing education units) that will renew you for an additional year or 24 CEUs that will renew you for two years.

he IFPA Personal Trainer Exam is a closed book, proctored exam. When you are ready to take the exam, you will contact your local library/college/university or testing center to set up a time and date for you to take the exam.

After you have setup your testing location, call the IFPA and give the information to our Testing Department. (If you have a difficult time locating a testing center, the Testing Department will help you pin down a location.)

Our Testing Director will call the testing center and after confirming the location, will send out the exam. After you take the exam, the exam will be sent back in an IFPA prepaid envelope by the proctor. Once we receive your test, it will take up to 4-6 weeks to send you your results by email. It is very important for you to give us an accurate email address.


Please be aware that our testing protocols may change due to the COVID-19 situation. We’re doing our best to cover all exams through an on-line proctoring procedure and get you the Exam results as quickly as we can. If you need your Exam results ASAP, you can take advantage of our rush processing as previously described.

We will provide all necessary information upon your registration.

We do not discuss results over the phone. If you need results ASAP, we offer a rush processing for $25. You will receive your results in three business days by e-mail from the day we receive the exam.


You need an 80% to pass the IFPA Personal Trainer Exam.

The IFPA Personal Trainer Exam is a multiple choice closed book exam. Five of the questions are not graded; they are for statistical purposes only.

You have 1 hour and 40 minutes to take the exam. Just like any important exam, make sure you get a good nights sleep, a nutritious breakfast and lunch depending what time you chose to take the exam, relax, breathe, you’re going to do great!

Bring pencils, and your driver’s license. You will not be able to take your bag, books, or any study materials into the room where you are taking the exam. The Personal Fitness Trainer Certification Examination is a closed book, proctored exam.


Due to our online proctoring service, you’ll need to have a computer equipped with a working camera and a microphone. Take care that there are no computer issues during testing, like operating system updates or other updates that might cause a restart during testing.

Still haven't decided?

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Not sure if this is for you? Request a call!

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