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The IFPA Fitness Assessment Specialist Certification provides a comprehensive and advanced approach to physical and health assessment and exercise prescription. This course offers a well balanced approach to the assessment of physical fitness and the design of exercise programs, addressing cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular fitness, body weight and composition and flexibility.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to give preliminary health evaluation
  • Learn testing procedures for Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Electrocardiogram
  • Learn graded exercise testing and maximal exercise test protocols
  • Learn the sources of measurement error in muscular fitness testing
  • Learn how to design balance training programs

Course Outcomes

  • Know how to assess cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Know how to design cardiorespiratory exercise programs
  • Know how to assess muscular fitness
  • Know how to design resistance training programs
  • Know how to assess flexibility and design stretching prescriptions

Course Goals

  • Understand the preliminary health screen and risk classification
  • Understand principles of assessment, prescription, and exercise program adherence
  • Understand how to design programs for flexibility and low back care
  • Understand how to assess balance and design balance programs
  • Understand how to design weight management and body composition programs for obese, overweight, and underweight individuals.
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