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The Fitness and Health Specialist delivers the framework for accomplishing all health and fitness goals. This is your complete guide for aerobic and muscular fitness, as well as nutrition and weight control.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to reduce the risk of chronic diseases
  • Learn how to actively reduce anxiety, stress and depression
  • Learn the importance of health screening
  • Learn how to motivate and set goals for yourself and your clients
  • Learn the stages of behavioral change

Course Outcomes

  • Know the physiology of fitness
  • Know how to create aerobic exercise, exercise prescriptions
  • Know how to create strength fitness prescriptions
  • Know how to create endurance  fitness prescriptions
  • Know calculate caloric intake

Course Goals

  • Understand the psychology of activity
  • Understand healthy habits for longevity
  • Understand the force-velocity relationship
  • Understand the benefits of muscular fitness
  • Understand weight control
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