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Taking the time and effort necessary to truly master these concepts will result in a tremendous increase in your ability to effectively manage your fitness facility and programs. Use the many principles and concepts you will learn during this certification program to expand your horizons and improve your ability to incorporate new information into your management repertoire. If you are currently a manager or owner of a fitness facility, then you are already one of the leaders of the fitness industry.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Learn the importance of organizational development
  • Learn new ways to attract and retain members
  • Learn how to increase profitability with the right mind of products and services
  • Learn how to recruit the best staff to your facility
  • Learn how to manage legal and insurance issues

Course Outcomes

  • Know how to read financial statements and understand and control the risks associated with running a fitness facility
  • Know how to implement systems to ensure the upkeep and safety of the facility and the equipment
  • Know how to determine the “fitness level” of the club
  • Know how to capitalize on the facility strengths and find solutions to improve weak areas.
  • Know how to evaluate your operation

Course Goals

  • Understand the payoff of thoughtful staff recruitment, teaching, development, retention, compensation and human resource management
  • Understand the importance of leadership of managers
  • Understand organization design
  • Understand how to focus on customer service
  • Understand how to market your facility
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