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The Flexibility Specialist gives you the tools to greatly increase and achieve excellent range of motion (ROM). Over 350 exercises are provided to increase flexibility. This certification offers step by step pictures to demonstrate the progression of each stretch. Included is a code to access the online video clips that will serve as an excellent visual tool to ensure you have the stretches committed to memory. The course also reveals strengthening exercises that will increase flexibility, and offers a PNF stretching overview. Flexibility training programs for different sports and activities such as running, golf, swimming and racquet activities, as well as additional information for massage therapy are also included.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Learn the fundamentals of stretching
  • Learn stretches for the lower and upper extremities
  • Learn stretches for the neck and torso
  • Learn stretching routines for different activities such as running, swimming, golf, etc.
  • Learn stretches for common injuries

Course Outcomes

  • Know the different types of stretching
  • Know the guidelines for safe and effective stretching
  • Know the importance of a thorough warm-up
  • Know the proper cool down process
  • Know how to care for acute and chronic injuries with stretching

Course Goals

  • Understand how the lack of flexibility and functional range of motion around a joint can cause discomfort
  • Understand how muscles can increase their ROM by 30% when they have been through a proper warm-up
  • Under how to use stretching techniques alone, or with a partner
  • Understand the principles of PNF stretching
  • Understand how to incorporate stretching in a strength workout
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