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High-Performance Training for Sports brings a valuable and rich global perspective of “best practitioner” from leaders in the field of sport and exercise science, who are constantly bridging the gap between research and application. This certification presents real world science, but more importantly, the application of this science in the real world. The primary focus of the course is to present a logical and linear knowledge progression so that any athlete, coach or support professional, involved in activities in which physical performance is paramount, may better serve themselves or their students/clients.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to evaluate athletes effectively
  • Learn how to optimize the effectiveness of cross-training
  • Learn how to develop young athletes
  • Learn how to enhance athletic movement
  • Learn how to strengthen the core

Course Outcomes

  • Know how to optimize flexibility
  • Know how to monitor training performance
  • Know how to retrain injured athletes
  • Know how to develop an effective warm-up and cool down
  • Know how to optimize preseason training

Course Goals

  • Understand how develop a performance program
  • Understand how to minimize the interference effect
  • Understand how to design energy specific programs
  • Understand how to peak for competition
  • Understand effective recovery in high-performance sports
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