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The IFPA Special Populations Sports Trainer providers trainers with the skills to recognize different medical conditions in athletes. This knowledge enables you to increase your proficiency when handling a more physically engaged community. Learning the warning signs of potentially serious conditions that are common in athletes, can assist with quicker recovery, as well as potentially save lives. The research assessments within the text also serve as a reliable reference for health care providers.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Learn common red flags to look out for during athletic performance
  • Learn more about medical conditions affecting physiological systems
  • Learn about the condition, signs/symptoms, treatments and care of Medical Conditions
  • Learn which conditions are more prevalent to certain populations

Course Outcomes

  • Know and understand the medical conditions and the impact on training
  • Know the medical conditions and how they affect the athletes
  • Know the role the athletic trainer plays in treating the medical condition
  • Know how to recognize signs and symptoms of medical conditions

Course Goals

  • Understand the importance of training modifications for each condition variety
  • Understand the vast variety of conditions
  • Understand when an athlete can return to practice
  • Understand when to refer to other professionals
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