Congratulations on Deciding

Congratulations on Deciding to GROW YOUR PT BUSINESS

(let's recap everything you're getting today INSIDE the ifpa premium VIP membership...)

plus some IFPA signature goodies...

COMBINED VALUE: $1,776.67/month


*You can cancel your subscription at any time, without any extra costs.



We are so sure that you will absolutely love the knowledge and the community inside the IFPA VIP Membership that we are willing to do something crazy…

If – in the first month – you decide this thing is not worth its price tag, we will refund your every penny – no questions asked.

I don’t even need to get a reason from you.

*All you have to do to cancel is send an email to [email protected] two business days before your next payment is due and use the subject line “CANCEL MEMBERSHIP”.

And in that case, you can keep all the materials you’ll receive in the first month (completely for FREE).

You see… I’m not worried about losing money on this because I care a lot about the quality of the content Rene, Renato, and I provide. And I care about my trainers in the IFPA family.

At this point in my life, I understand that the only thing that makes me happy is to see other people happy.

So even if you decide to cancel, that’s OK. I only want the people who are determined to build an outstanding personal training career to remain members.


1... Alex - Since you’re not originally from the US, how can you know what marketing will be effective in our market?

Good question. 

You see, the best part about the materials inside our VIP membership is they are based on sound persuasion principles originating from evolutionary and human psychology.

These things are universal. They are proven to work no matter if you use them in the US or Europe.

To ensure that, I spent approximately 2 months in the States every year for the past 12 years (2020 was an exception).

There I talk to other personal trainers, organize workshops, rub shoulders & pick the brains of other leading figures in the fitness industry.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can take a look at IFPA itself.

Sure, it’s been certifying trainers for decades, but in the last two years working with Rene & Renato, we clearly became one of the leaders in our industry and the USA.

2... Who are Rene & Renato, and how can you be so sure they can help me in my training business?

Okay – there are a couple of things I could tell you about why R&R are so good at what they do. For example, they…

– have more than 9 years of combined marketing experience
– were sitting on the board of the #1 marketing agency in Slovenia
– besides being successful in the health & fitness niche, they profitably sold almost everything on the internet (including wooden windows, motivational seminars, organic diapers, depression counselling, etc.)

While all this is true, I think the most significant sign of trust in their expertise is that we at IFPA still pay them thousands of dollars EVERY month for their help on our projects.

In fact, they even helped me perfect this website you’re reading right now, and we can both agree they did an outstanding job : )

Now click here and steal the same high-grade marketing knowledge we use and skyrocket your career in the rest of 2021 and beyond.

3... What if all the trainers from the membership start marketing the same way or, even worse, someone from my area signs up as well?

Excellent question. There are a couple of things you need to know…

#1: There are 340,000 personal trainers in the US. This special offer is limited to only 50 trainers. That means you can join the (future) top 0.014% of PTs in your country. 

#2: Humans like to listen & buy from other humans, not soulless brands. That means every marketing concept we teach needs your unique personality to work to the fullest extent. Aside from terrific results, this makes you impossible to be copied, and you truly become a celebrity authority in your area.

#3: And if that wasn’t enough, let me shed light on one more thing. The key to your success is not just knowledge. It’s the speed of implementation. The faster you implement what you learn, the wider the gap between you and other PTs grow. No matter if they are from your area or from across the country.

You can also ask yourself…

What will happen if someone from your area becomes our VIP member and you don’t?

I wouldn’t risk it.

But of course, you are free to make your own decisions.

If you want to join us, here’s the link.

4... I already have my way of marketing & advertising. Will I have to turn it upside down to implement your strategies?

First of all – congratulations on being proactive and focusing on marketing & sales in your career. It’s something not many trainers focus on.

However, since you are reading this, I bet you aren’t entirely satisfied with the results you are getting.

That’s great. In my opinion, this ambitious hunger of yours is one of the signs you are destined to do great things in this industry.

If you want to get to the next level, though, you can’t keep on doing the same things as you do now.

Just like with hitting a plateau in the gym, you need to switch things up.

Why not do it with strategies that are proven to work?


Click here and unlock your next level.

5... I’m at the beginning of my personal training career. Will this still benefit me?

Of course. 

To be honest,  just starting out can be your greatest advantage. 

You have no existing patterns you need to unlearn. You’re a blank slate.

This means you can build yourself and your brand from the ground up – the right way.

You can use clever marketing to overtake many of the more experienced trainers.

Especially if you’re one of the first 50 that joins our membership since that makes you eligible for our 1-1 call where I can personally guide you to success.

You just have to promise me one thing…

That you will – despite being great at marketing – still focus on becoming the best personal trainer you can be.

If you can do that for me, then click here and sign up now.

6... Do you offer a free trial?

Nope. And there’s a good reason for that… 

The internet is full of “wannabe” trainers and “freebie seekers” that spend their days sniffing out new information, never taking action and then playing the victim & complaining about the lack of results.

The easiest way to get rid of these “leeches” is to put a price tag on what we do.

Since you are here, I already know you aren’t one of them. So I can reveal to you the second reason why we don’t offer this information for free…

According to studies, we value the things we pay for more than those we get for free.

And if you value something more, you’ll be more prone to actually implementing it and seeing results.

Then you will enjoy the fruits of your labour, and I will have another great success story to share with the IFPA family.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

Click here, and let’s get started.

7... Do you offer a guarantee?

Yep, we do. We are so sure that you will absolutely love the knowledge and the community inside the IFPA VIP Membership that we are willing to do something crazy…

If after 30 days you decide that this thing is not worth its price tag, we will refund your every penny – no questions asked.

And in that case, you can keep all the materials that you’ll receive in the first month (completely for FREE).

It might seem crazy, but here’s my thought process…

If you believe in what you do, you shouldn’t have any problem making a promise like that.

With that said – you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Now click here, and let’s get you started >> 

8... $97 per month is still too much for me…

If, after everything you’ve read on this page, you still think $97 per month is too much, I can’t help you.

Please close the page and leave your place in the first 50 to another trainer who’s willing to invest in his or her personal training career.

Thank you.

9... Can I cancel my membership any time, or am I stuck in this thing till the end of times?

Woah, we haven’t even started, and you’re already thinking about breaking up with me?

Just kidding : )

You can cancel your place in the IFPA VIP membership at any point in time.

There’s no hidden fine print or contract in place.

All you have to do to cancel is send an email to [email protected] and use the subject line “CANCEL MEMBERSHIP”.

*Just send an email two business days before your next payment is due.

10... What if I miss the live sessions?

Have no fear; all Masterclasses and official Q&As will be recorded, and you will get the replays.

A quick heads-up…

Rene & Renato are known for doing “drop-in” Q&A calls from time to time.

Because they are more improvised and the guys often let it fly no holds barred, these aren’t recorded – so it pays for you to be active in the group and get on there live : )

11... What happens when I sign up?

It’s simple. After you click here, fill out your contact details and complete the purchase, these things will happen…

1.) You will get an official confirmation email from our website letting you know you’re now a part of the IFPA VIP Membership.

2.) In 24 hours, you will get a personalized welcome email from Rene & Renato, where they welcome you into the family and give you some materials to study before the official start date.

3.) You will also get access to my personal calendar to schedule our 1-1 call in. 

4.) Our official class starts July 15th 2021 – that’s when the Intro Masterclass will be. All details will be provided to you no later than 72 hours before the call. You will also get access to the bonus training materials at that time.

5.) THE BEST THING: As soon as you join, you can send your existing promotional materials to Rene & Renato to get comprehensive feedback, and your money’s-worth BEFORE the official course even starts.

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