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FitBit - Causes, Treatment and Prevention of Muscle Cramps

There are many causes of cramps.

Certain medications (such as high blood pressure meds), certain diseases (diseases of the: kidney, liver, cardiovascular/cardiopulmonary/ nervous systems, diabetes, etc.) certain disorders (such as within the nerves, liver, thyroid, etc.) can all cause cramps.

Insufficient blood flow to exercising muscles due to narrowing arteries can cause cramps that will typically subside after stopping exercise activities. Spinal nerve compression can cause cramps in the legs that typically get worse with walking. Many people find relief by leaning forward, such as when pushing a shopping cart, walker, etc. Excessive alcohol consumption/alcoholism can lead to chronic cramping. 

Muscle cramps can occur in the abdominal, arms, hands, or feet, but are most common in the legs, and specifically, the calf muscles.

Most of the cramping personal trainers will see in their personal training clients will be those related to exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle. Exercising too hard, especially in personal training clients who are not yet conditioned for intense training programs will be susceptible to cramping.

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