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FitBit - Best Practices in Managing Weight Loss (Fat Loss) - April 2023

Last month's FitBit was about Intermittent Fasting and since then, we have had a lot of questions on the best way for your personal training clients to lose weight(specifically, to lose fat). You already know that "FAD Diets" never work over the long term.
They can deliver some short-term weight loss (typically losing as many lean tissues as fatty tissues), but to have healthy, manageable, long-term, quality weight management where you can lose fat, and maintain or even gain lean body tissues such as muscle, bone, and essential internal organs, you will need a lifestyle change to include exercise, healthy nutrition, sleep and stress management, and healthy lifestyle changes that include avoiding unhealthy activities like smoking/tobacco use, recreational/performance-enhancing drug use, and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.
This month I want you to take a hard look at the factors that do lead to healthy weight management. So, the question becomes, "What really works in successful weight management programs?"
Best Practices in Weight Management:
Every successful weight loss method is rooted in one, universal, scientifically proven method. That successful method is "The In-Go, Out-Go Method!"

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