$45.00 USD

FitSpot - Senior Fitness and Exercise Training…Still Going Strong

In this FitSpot, Dr. Bell discusses the importance of aging actively and dives into the critical aspects of functional fitness for older adults.

Training seniors in the 12 components of fitness requires modifications depending on their fitness levels, previous injuries, and current disabilities, diseases, or dysfunctions.

Learn the best practices in exercise, nutrition, and daily living to train senior clients safely and effectively.

You have to MOVE to LIVE!

  • Council older adults on the importance of movement…Sitting kills!
  • Provide seniors with daily living habits that will improve their functionality.
  • Use movement screenings to assess underlying joint, muscle, and various musculoskeletal disorder issues
  • Develop unique exercise programs for every senior fitness client
  • Bridge the gap between rehabilitation and fitness
  • Nutrition – Fuel for vitality

Successful completion of the "Senior Fitness Exercise and Training" FitSpot, will grant trainers two Continuing Education Units (CEUs).