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FitBit - Torn Biceps - Rehab to Recovery

In general, the age range of individuals most likely to sustain a torn biceps muscle is 40-60 year olds. If the tear is near the upper part of the bicep, near the shoulder, the cause is most likely overuse. Tears near the elbow are generally due to an unexpected amount of force (for example, someone trying to break a sudden fall) or during forceful pushing motion.

Partial tears usually heal within 3-6 weeks. Full tears require surgery and may take 4-6 months to heal. You should not resume regular training. You should only resume regular training when you experience no pain throughout your full range of motion and have normal upper arm and shoulder strength.

Rehab to Return Full, Functional Range of Motion (FROM)

It is essential for you to return both the shoulder joint and elbow joint to full FROM prior to returning to strength training or whatever activity you were doing prior to the injury. To increase flexion (bending) of your elbow, use your bicep as much as you can. Continue to flex your elbow and then use your other hand to give some extra force to increase ROM. To restore FROM on the extension of your elbow, hold your arm straight out by using your triceps. Use your opposite hand to gently, grab your wrist, and pull back until you feel a slight stretch on both your upper arm and forearm.

Be cognizant of the type of pain you might feel. There is acute pain, which you can tell is doing more damage to your damaged muscle fiber. Then, there is a much duller pain, that lets you know you are affecting some damaged tissue, but not causing additional damage. Be sensitive and perform:

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