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FitBit - Cancer Risks, Prevention, and New Blood Tests - Feb 2024

Cancer Hunts us all! What Can You Do to Live?

Most of us are used to the typical client asking us to help them with the typical requests to:

  • "Lose Weight,"
  • "Firm and tone up"
  • "Improve the way their body looks"
  • "Gain muscle size and strength"
  • or some other variation of Body Composition goals.

However, we are seeing a growing number of clients interested in improving their health and longevity. People have become aware that their lifestyle choices may not lead them to the longer, happier, and healthier life they once planned. 

Some of your clients may already be aware of the news reporting that cancer rates are increasing worldwide, and not only are the rates increasing, but cancer is now afflicting much younger age groups. The rate of cancer has increased significantly in the under-50 age groups, even among teenagers.

What are the reasons for this increase?

Experts have different opinions on why we are having increased cancer rates that include:

  • increased overweight and obesity rates,
  • smoking,
  • alcohol use/abuse,
  • recreational drug use/abuse,
  • performance-enhancing drug (PED) use/abuse,
  • overconsumption of processed foods and drinks,
  • red meat,
  • air pollution,
  • toxins in the environment,
  • social isolation during the Covid lock-downs,
  • lack of exercise,
  • increased diabetes rates (often associated with overweight/obesity),
  • and other factors.

Smoking is the primary factor in 80-90% of lung cancer cases.

Poor Lifestyle choices are associated with 50% of colorectal cancer cases.

Obesity is suspected to be the primary factor in endometrial cancer. 

One potentially devastating cancer growing among our younger population is colorectal cancer. Please be advised that if you experience the following symptoms of colorectal cancer: abdominal pain, diarrhea, iron deficient anemia, and rectal bleeding, please see your doctor immediately. It would be very wise to see your doctor any time you have rectal bleeding. 

Cancer is a serious, scary, and devastating disease.

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