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FitBit - Protecting Your Athlete From Injury - Range of Motion, Symmetry and Balance

Injuries due to lack of Symmetry:

Think of every muscle in your body as a rope. Ropes can only pull. Muscles can only pull on the bones they are attached to. Due to the typical activities, we do in society today, we have a lot of activities keeping us in Internal Rotation, i.e.: typing, texting, driving, carrying, etc.

We do very little to no activities in External Rotation. This results in our Internal Rotators becoming hypertonic: stronger and tighter than the External Rotators which become weak and stretched. This creates muscles pulling longer and harder toward the Internal side and weakened, stretched muscles on the External side.

Here is one far too common example.

Imagine this effect on the shoulder. The Internal Rotators are pulling on the shoulder capsule all day long and the weakened External Rotators cannot compensate. The shoulder is slowly, gradually, day-by-day, pulled out of alignment. One day you will notice something just doesn’t feel right.

The odd feeling gradually becomes pain and over time the pain becomes more intense the more your shoulder is pulled out of alignment. Typically, when the pain is intense enough, you will go to a doctor who will inject your shoulder capsule with cortisol to reduce the swelling and inflammation of the misaligned tissues that have been rubbing against each other and eliminate your pain. You will feel great, for a time, and you resume your activities.

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