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FitBit - How Deadly is Inflammation Inside Your Body?

How deadly is chronic inflammation inside your body? 
Answer: VERY!
Virtually all chronic diseases, disabilities, and dysfunctions begin with chronic inflammation in the body. Some doctors have proposed that if you engage in a lifestyle of healthy nutrition, fitness, sleep, and stress management...you might manage to avoid all the chronic disabilities that kill us all prematurely. This includes many forms of cancer, heart disease, hypertension, endocrine disorders/type 2 diabetes, psychological, neurophysiological, mental/emotional, respiratory, and skeletomuscular disorders.  
Even if you focus on sports and strength conditioning and performance in your personal training business, you will find defeating chronic inflammation will aid your athletes immeasurably in reaching their genetic potential, regardless of the sport they play. 
Inflammation is a normal and healthy protective response to irritants, toxins, and pathogens that enter the body. Inflammation becomes a problem when it is chronic. Chronic inflammation can lead to damaged tissues and organs, and other unhealthy circumstances.

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