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FitBit - Exercise Prescription for Back Disorder Prevention

In many cases of chronic back pain, the issue may be distal from the core, i.e.: tight hamstrings or gluteal muscles can also create back issues. Keep this consideration in mind and always consider how important it is to develop your body in symmetry in both strength and flexibility.

The Exercise Prescription for Back disorder Prevention (at home/limited equipment):

This is designed for the quickest, least effort to obtain results. Feel free to do more if you have time, motivation, and/or the need for faster results.

  1. Do some form of NON-Impact aerobic exercise every day working up to 60 minutes/day
  2. Do the strength exercises below 3 days/week on non-consecutive days (i.e.: M, W, Fri.)
  3. Do the flexibility exercises every day (up to 4 times/day, 4 hours between sessions for the fastest results)

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