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FitBit - The Benefits of Green Tea - May 2023


2023 Has Been a Banner Year Proving the Efficacy of Green Tea and its many health benefits!
The legend of green tea has it that thousands of years ago, the first Emperor of China was sitting under a Camellia Sinensis tree (which today is popularly called the Tea Tree) when some of the tree's leaves fell into the cup of water he had been drinking. He liked the flavor and tea was introduced as a favorite beverage! 
The legend may or may not be true, but what is surely true is that green tea became a very popular drink throughout China, Japan, and then India. The Tea Trees were grown in those countries first before spreading to the rest of the World. Green tea eventually grew to be known as a medicine. Initially used by ancient Chinese doctors as medicine for improving digestion, controlling bleeding, regulating body temperature, and more. 

Tea trees came to be typically grown in tropical, or sub-tropical environments, but have been grown successfully farther north and at fairly high elevations. It seems struggling, slower-growing trees at elevation often produce a more flavorful tea.

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