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FitBit - Live with a Purpose to Live Longer - January 2023

According to findings published in the November 2022 issue of "Preventive Medicine," people over 50 years of age, who had a high level of life purposeful, had about a 15% risk of death compared to the people with the lowest level of purpose, whose risk of death skyrocketed to nearly 37%! That is more than double the risk of death for people lacking purpose in their lives!

Specifically, those with low/no sense of purpose had a 2.43 times greater risk of dying than those with a very high purpose. Those with a medium sense of purpose had a 1.7 times greater risk of dying than those with a very high purpose.

This conclusion was based on researchers following 13,000 Americans over the age of 50 and tracking their mortality for over 8 years.

According to Dr. Koichiro Shiba, Asst. Professor of Epidemiology at Boston University School of Public health: "Having a purpose in life is defined as the extent to which people perceive their lives as having a sense of direction and goals."

Since OUR PURPOSE as IFPA Certified Personal Trainers is to help every man, woman, and child live a longer, healthier, and happier life, the obvious conclusion of this research is to help our clients find their purpose and stick to it.

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