Become a Certified Personal Trainer and Build a Sustainable and Profitable business

Become a Certified Personal Trainer and Build a Sustainable and Profitable business

(It's possible, also in these uncertain times)

Why would someone even think about becoming a certified trainer these days?

Why would someone even think about becoming a certified trainer these days?


The economy broke down, people became much more careful, and many personal trainers are worried about what the future holds for them.

Considering this…

Why on earth would someone even think about becoming a certified trainer just now?

Do you want the ugly truth?

Because nothing else pays off.


You can decide to work illegally, make some money and put all hope in 3-4 unloyal clients, who can cut you off as early as tomorrow.

But do you really want to go down this road?

I genuinely hope not.

Most probably, you want to build a sustainable and profitable business, which will withstand any crisis or epidemic. 

On this page, I’ll show you how to reach just that…

What exactly is the IFPA Course?

What exactly is the IFPA Course?

and how can it help you become part of the elite?

and how can it help you become part of the elite?

If I am completely honest…

I am convinced this is the most practically-oriented course in the US and was tailored just for people like yourself – the ones who wish to become exceptional (and respected) personal trainers.



Suppose you’re looking to become the average personal trainer offering a mediocre service and is constantly worrying about clients. In that case, you should leave the page and search for a different, less extensive course.


On the other hand…


If you wish to get not only advanced theoretical knowledge but also a ton of practical experience which can easily be implemented later in real life, then this is the right course for you and I strongly recommend you to keep reading.


You’ll be surprised to learn how extensive this course is and what you can gain from it.

This course includes all the knowledge you need to start a brilliant career...

This course includes all the knowledge you need to start a brilliant career...

Why trust us?

Why trust us?

A legitimate question.


I’ll answer you straightforward…


Since 1994 we’re educating personal trainers globally, offering the most practically-oriented course in all countries where IFPA exists (more than 18 countries this far). 

Not only this – we’re offering additional advanced certifications for personal trainers who became part of our so-called IFPA Family.

We’ve helped more than 300.000 people worldwide become personal trainers who now enrich people’s lives, making them fuller and more active.


I’m not telling you all this to brag about it.

I’d like you to understand the scale of our extensive experience in this field and that we most probably are exactly what you’re looking for.

I completely understand how much you miss the practical part of a certification that basically no one else on the market offers to this extent.


This is why we’ve made the learning process as easy as possible, as practically-oriented as possible, offering our future trainers a lot of additional support.


Not only this…


Akreditacija je proces, preko katerega se izobraževalni program oceni glede na veljavne standarde in je prepoznan kot akreditiran, če le-te dosega.
IFPA tečaj je akreditiran s strani NCCA: National Commission for Certifying Agencies (Nacionalna Komisija za Certificiranje Agencij) in EREPS: European Register of Exercise Professionals (Evropski Register Trening Profesionalcev). Vsi naši fitnes certifikati, vključno z IFPA Osebni Trener in naši napredni tečaji in specializacije so potrjene s strani VA: Veteran Affairs (ZDA).

we're internationally accredited

Accreditation is the process by which a credentialing or an educational program is evaluated against defined standards and is awarded recognition if it is in compliance with those standards.

The IFPA is accredited by NCCA: National Commission for Certifying Agencies and EREPS: European Register of Exercise Professionals. All our fitness certifications including both the Personal Fitness Trainer Certification and our Advanced and Specialized Certifications, are approved by the VA: Veterans Affairs.

What can you expect from the IFPA Course?

Definitely more than you can imagine at this point!

Through an interesting, interactive, and professional course that includes a lot of practical work, you’ll acquire the knowledge and abilities that all personal trainers need.

You’ll learn how to take clients through the training process, starting from the very first contact and going all the way to their desired goals – feeling better, a better life quality, more energy, and a better physique if that’s what they want.

The IFPA Course doesn’t only focus on how to effectively, safely, and successfully take clients through a training process and give them nutritional advice…

We’re striving to give you the basic business knowledge needed to get your first client (and later build a sustainable business).

What business knowledge am I talking about?


During the course, you’ll learn how to start a personal trainer business right, choose the right gym to begin working in and start your trainer career.

We’ll also share some essential aspects of marketing, promotion, and sales with you, which will be crucial for starting your own career path. A lack of this knowledge makes it a lot more challenging to start a personal trainer business. 

Don’t worry – we’re not making this information up, and we didn’t take it from some no-name forum. Years of experience and proven strategies are where this information comes from.

Our candidates were especially intrigued by this part of the course because this type of knowledge isn’t included in any other course out there.

What do our candidates think of the course?

What do our candidates think of the course?

How does the IFPA Course even look like?

To put it simply… 

The course consists of a theoretical and practical part (the last one being what makes us so unique!)

The theoretical part is executed in XXXX, so you’ll get used to the fitness environment straight away. Part of the lectures will be held through the so-called WEBINARS.

Those are lectures that you can listen to in real-time online, like in a classroom, but this time directly from your living room. This way you can save travel costs and a lot of time. If this is what you want, of course…

No worries – you can still ask all your questions straight away and get answers in no time. We may invite you to speak with us over your webcam.

Regarding the practical part…

The complete practical part will be held in XXXX, which is the perfect environment for personal trainers; hence you will gain the best experience. And there is a lot of practical work planned!

Furthermore, the gym is completely reserved for the needs of the course,

When does the next course start?

The next IFPA Course starts on XXXXXX at XX AM

Due to its extensive nature, the IFPA Personal Trainer Course takes 8 full weeks and ends with a final oral and written exam on XXXXXX.

*We’ll send you the detailed schedule of the workshop upon your application, but you can also find it further down on this page where we will answer all the FAQ’s.

One more thing…

Because we strive to execute the course at the highest possible level, we’ve limited the maximum number of participants to 50.

If this page is still active we still have a few empty slots. But truth is, we can close applications any minute if the limit is reached.

So I urge you to decide smart (and fast)…

Do we offer different IFPA Courses?

Great question.


Based on years of experience, we’ve taken the base course and extended the offer with even better options!

Let me explain…

If you decide to enroll in the IFPA course, we’ll add something phenomenal…


We’re talking about the Sports Nutrition Specialist Course, which you’ll get for free if you choose to join!


This means you’ll truly master all crucial fields of personal training upon completing the course(s) and become a real “pro”!

Oh, before I forget…

With each course, you’ll get full access to the online learn-dash, the Facebook support group, and all real-time webinars.


Untitled design(2)
Untitled design(2)


Our most desired package includes the peronal trainer course as well as the sports nutrition specialist course. This is all the knowledge you need for a successfull trainer carreer packed in one course!

The whole package includes:

Untitled design(6)

sports nutrition specialist Course

Because we have a high standard, we know that the basic knowledge of good nutrition, micro- and macronutrients isn’t enough if you’d like to belong to the elite. You’ll need an in-depth knowledge of healthy and proper nutrition.That’s exactly what you’ll get upon completing the course.

The whole package includes:

Untitled design(6)

What about the price?

Under normal circumstances I would charge approximately 2,800 USD for a course like this one because I know how fast you can improve with such knowledge which can separate you from any competition.


Because the current situation urges us to step together and support each other, I decided to offer the course for a much lower price than usual.

This means 1,800 USD.

And this should be enough by itself, but I went one step further for you…

If you apply for the course until XX.XX.XXXX, it will only cost you 1.500 USD.

I added another cherry on top and give you the chance to pay in installments (so you can divide the payment by 3 equal parts)

In other words – you have the unique opportunity to become a certified personal trainer and take your success to a new level.

All you have to do is click the button below, choose the desired payment method and proceed to the checkout to finalize the order.

Yes – upon your purchase you will get all the information sent to your email.

Zapomni si - na svetu danes obstajata
2 vrsti osebnih trenerjev...

Remember - there are two types of personal trainers on this planet…

Those who will fail to withstand inside the New Economy and will break, both mentally and financially…

And those, who will not only survive, but SUCCEED in these hard times.

Join the IFPA certified course and make sure to be on the winner’s side when all this is over.


I did everything I could, now it is up to you.

The IFPA Course has proven to work wonders for many personal trainers out there…






If you’re still unsure if the IFPA course is the right thing for you…

1... Why do I even need a personal trainer certification if I’ve been training in the gym for the last couple of years?


Personal training experiences can really help you during the certification and considering those were useful, we welcome them.


But you have to understand that personal experience with your own training routine cannot compare to detailed knowledge in the field of fitness.

A personal trainer needs knowledge which goes far beyond one’s personal workout experience. That’s the reason why most countries around the world need you to achieve an official certification to legally work in you profession.

The US are no exception…

2... How is the IFPA Personal Trainer Course executed?

The IFPA certification is divided into two main parts, theoretical and practical.

The theoretical part includes all lectures, which are held online live (webinars – via an app) or we invite you directly to the classroom.


The practical part is the one we are most proud of.

Part of it being that it includes more than 40hrs guided practical work in an environment which is most suitable for personal trainers.

The practical work is executed in XXXXXX, which allows us to use the whole space it offers for the needs of the course.


This is what makes the IFPA program so special.

It includes work in actual facilities under realistic circumstances and teaches the most crucial exercises which you should know as a personal trainer, gives you safety guidelines during workouts, makes you understand workout programming and how to execute a workout (the real deal).

You won’t find this in any other course.

3... Does the IFPA Personal Trainer Course really include the Sports Nutrition Specialist Course?

It sure does! This gets most (future) trainers really excited.

Our experience here with IFPA has shown us that both courses are crucial if we’re speaking about doing a great job as a personal trainer.

Our lecturers have spent years training clients and most of them truly have issues with nutrition.

This being one of the reasons why we’ve included the IFPA SPORTS NUTRITION SPECIALIST COURSE in the personal trainer certification.

This makes our course financially a lot more accessible and offers much more extensive knowledge in comparison with other courses from various competitors.

If you want to remind yourself what exactly the package offers KLICK HERE.

4... What is the price and is it possible to pay in installments?

Considering how much knowledge you’ll receive within the certification, the price should be three times higher than it actually is but I decided against that, because I know we have to step together and support each other.

That’s why I’ve set the price to 1.800 USD, which makes it the real deal and this industry hasn’t seen something like this before.

And yes – it is possible to pay in installments (without additional interest)!

If you wish to pay in installments, we have 2 options to divide the payment in 3 equal parts:

  • 3 equal parts of 500 USD (only applications until XX.XX.XXXX)

  • 3 equal parts of 600 USD (all applications after XX.XX.XXXX)

If you have enough reasons, klick HERE and get your spot in the course. If you’d like to know more, proceed to the next question.

5... Where do I get all the materials to successfully finish the certification?

Because we wanted to make a very user-friendly program in these modern times, we put our textbook inside an online learndash.

This way you have your e-textbook ready any minute. 

You can scroll through the literature (and specific lessons) much easier. To further consolidate your knowledge we’ve created a bunch of quiz questions to test yourself.

These will help you understand the learning materials in a more effective way.

But because we all prefer different types of learning, we prepared video content with additional explanations as well.

6... When do I get access to the online learndash?

Because IFPA is 100% different from unaccredited online courses and includes all lectures live, you’ll get access the very first day we start with the lectures.

This way you can go through the materials easier and understand them much faster.

7... So vsi materiali v slovenskem jeziku?

Super vprašanje!


Vsa predavanja, video posnetki z razlago snovi, spremljajoča predstavitev, priročnik za učenje in kvizi so v slovenskem jeziku.
Ker pa je IFPA mednarodno priznana organizacija in so naši tečajniki z našim tečajem certificirani tudi v več državah izven EU, smo se odločili, da majhen del materialov pustimo v angleškem jeziku.
Zdi se nam pomembno, da se v sklopu tečaja naučiš izrazov, ki se uporabljajo na fitnes področju po vsem svetu in tako lažje komuniciraš s strokovnjaki iz tujine – tudi takrat, ko jih povabimo v Slovenijo in z njimi pripravimo posebne izobraževalne seminarje.

8... Kaj če nisem spreten v angleškem jeziku?

Razumem tvoje pomisleke, naj pa te vseeno pomirim…

Veliko tečajnikov, ki niso govorili angleškega jezika, je sodelovalo in so uspešno opravili tečaj. Nekaterim izmed njih je to celo uspelo še preden smo pripravili vsa dodatna orodja in razlage.

Če pa vseeno naletiš na morebitne težave pri učenju, pa smo tudi na tem področju poskrbeli za dodatno pomoč. 

Le pogumno naprej. 

9... What is the course schedule and how much presence is needed in order to attend the final exams?

If you scroll further down you’ll find the whole lecture and workshop schedule.

The theoretical part requires a minimum of 80% presence, some of which you can go through via video.

The practical part requires 100% presence, which is in accordance with the EREPS standards.

If you somehow still fail to meet the required presence let us know and we can try to find a solution for the missed workshop(s). We’ll figure something out!

This is the exact schedule…

If you have enough reasons, klick HERE and get your spot in the course. If you’d like to know more, proceed to the next question.

10... What can I even do as a personal trainer?

Great question – specially in the current situation.

Let me answer you honestly…

We’ve noticed that the demand for good personal trainers is rising as we speak.

Not only from individual clients, also from wellness and fitness centers, high-standard hotels and a lot more.

And the demand will keep rising because this crisis will eliminate a lot of amateurs in our industry.

Of course this makes it a unique opportunity for you because the IFPA course makes sure you know enough to do an analysis of your customer’s needs, prepare an individual training program and execute it.

Our combination with the IFPA SPORTS NUTRITION SPECIALIST gives you knowledge to consult clients in all things regarding nutrition as well.

In other words…

You can get the knowledge which will put you amongst the elite personal trainers in a very short period of time, which will not only make you a respected trainer but also a well payed one.

Whilst a lot of the PT’s will fail to withstand the crisis, you can progress as never before. 

Of course the decision is up to you.

I truly believe you will choose wisely.

Still in a dilemma?

(maybe this will convince you)

Copyright @ 2020 IFPA
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