40 Tips To Reaching Your Fat Loss Goals


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Best Practices in Your Weight Loss, And Preferably… Fat Loss Goals.

  1. Plan to lose no more than 2 pounds/week. Faster weight loss results in Yo-Yo Dieting and you will gain it back and more.
  2. Mix a well-balanced diet by eating a variety of foods.
  3. Minimizing or negate highly processed foods.
  4. Drink sufficient water to keep your urine clear to nearly clear, the recommendation of 64 ounces/day may not be enough.
  5. Minimize your intake of refined sugars.
  6. Limit all sugar intake.
  7. Total calorie intake of fat should be between 15-35% of your total calories.
  8. Minimize saturated fat
  9. Set a goal to get to and maintain a healthy weight
  10. Enjoy a variety of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.
  11. Eat regular meals
  12. Eat moderate protein, do not eat until you feel full.
  13. Balance your food choices over days.
  14. Know your diet pitfalls and make sure to keep them OUT of your house.
  15. Make changes gradually
  16. Do not classify foods as Good or Bad
  17. Exercise Everyday, add some moderately intense to intense exercises, 3-4 days/week.
  18. Record what you eat and when you eat it and record how you feel (hungry, lonely, tired, bored, depressed, starving, etc.)
  19. Watch your meal timing as waiting too long between meals leads to over-eating and less healthy food choices.
  20. Small healthy snacks can help reduce hunger and maintain a higher metabolism
  21. Eliminate trans fats.
  23. Do not go more than 5 hours without eating
  24. Eat your larger meals earlier in the day.
  25. Eat soon after exercise: immediately to within 2 hours.
  26. Mix protein, complex carbohydrates and some fat with every meal.
  27. Read and understand all labels
  28. No fried foods
  29. Use non-fat cooking sprays, i.e.: Pam
  30. Use monosaturated oils, preferably olive oil (extra-virgin tastes best)
  31. Increase fiber intake (25-35 grams/day)
  32. Include strength training at least 2 days/week
  33. Include a minimum of over 20 minutes/day of cardiovascular training most days of the week.
  34. Include flexibility training most days of the week.
  35. Choose fruits or other healthy snacks, low in fat with a low glycemic index instead of giving in to a “junk food” or “comfort food” craving. Waiting 20 minutes after consuming the healthier choice makes the craving go away.
  36. Avoid simple sugars, i.e.: Soda, cake, candy, etc., most days of the week. One “Cheat Day” every week is allowable and may be preferred to restore thyroid hormone production, especially T-3 and T-4
  37. When eating, focus on eating. Distracted eating, i.e: eating while watching TV often leads to over-eating.
  38. Never grocery shop while hungry
  39. Make healthy snacks readily available
  40. Study and Learn Nutrition

Good Luck,

Dr. Jim Bell


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