6 Points to Focus on in the New Year


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My personal wish is for you to make 2019 your Best Year Ever!

To aid you in accomplishing this wish, I suggest small, incremented changes, in a few critical areas.

These areas are:

(1) Mental

(2) Emotional

(3) Physical

(4) Spiritual

(5) Artistic

(6) Financial.

To Improve Area (1): Mental

Commit to daily exercise. Numerous studies show daily exercise improves all cognitive functions, learning ability, memory concentration, focus and attention span.

Set a goal to exercise daily and grow your program to accumulate a minimum 150 mins/week of moderate to intense activity.

Commit to “Eating Clean:” fish, lean-grass-fed-hormone and drug free meats fruits, veggies, beans/legumes, nuts and extra virgin olive oil. Studies show these foods improved test scores on attention and memory tests.

Cold water-wild caught fish such as salmon, are high in Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids have shown to improve attention and processing speed. Salmon is high in Vitamin B-12 which is essential for nerve function and is also high in antioxidants. Antioxidants not only boosts your immune system, reduces inflammation inside your body, but also boosts brain function.

Commit to your sleep management. Commit to getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night in a dark room. Replace “Blue Light” electronic clocks (as blue light have been shown to reduce melatonin production which will interfere with restful sleep).

Commit to avoiding simple-carbs, particularly snacks that result in energy “Crashes” which block the brain’s neuron activity and make you tired and lethargic.

Area (2): Emotional

Avoid or eliminate toxic people from your life. Commit to a healthy lifestyle to avoid mood swings, depression and anxiety. Use exercise, relaxation, music, positive friends and family instead of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and others negative “escapes” from the complexities of life. Celebrate the complexities as challenging opportunities to grow instead of grueling punishments to prevent your happiness. Practice Gratitude for what you HAVE, and not complain about what you DON’T! Find your JOY in the “Pursuit of Happiness!”

Area (3): Physical

Look for every opportunity to get physical instead of pursuing convenience. The sedentary lifestyle has replaced smoking as the #1 Greatest Risk to life-span, functionality, and a healthy life. Look for ways to get physical: take the stairs instead of the elevator; Walk or Bike instead of driving; do your own chores and if you have a sedentary job, take “Physical Breaks” and get-up-and-MOVE!

Area (4): Spiritual

Go to Church, pray, meditate, commune with nature….whatever satisfies your connection to something greater than you as an individual, all alone in the cosmos.

Area (5): Artistic

Artistic expression is something that makes all of us uniquely HUMAN! The creation and appreciation of art raises your level of consciousness, enhances and encourages gratitude. Even if you HAVE NO ARTISTIC ABILITY (join the Club), even without individual artistic talent, we can all appreciate great art.

Whether you like paintings or plays, sculpture or pottery, music or murals, architecture or museums, costumes or comic books (I was a great fan of Stan Lee… May he rest in Peace), you, I and everyone can find some peace and joy in artistry of Nature, the simplest and most basic of Art. Some of life’s greatest beauty is watching a Sunset, a Sunrise or a hike through Natures beauty.

Area (6): Financial

Marketing, advertising, salesmanship has reached a point of a precise Science. The Science is to get you to spend your hard-earned dollars on what they want you to buy. If you have financial stresses in your life, you need to learn the BIG difference between your NEEDs and your WANTs!

Marketers make sure we WANT a lot! BUT, we actually NEED very little: WE NEED: Air, Water, Food, Shelter from the elements and virtually nothing else! You may need transportation to get to work and the other places you need to get food, but you don’t NEED a Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, Maserati or Rolls Royce to get there.

Financial stress kills and it is the Number One reason for divorce. That is a true shame when you consider how much of our financial stress is caused by over-indulging our WANTs.

Make a commitment to take control of your financial life by asking yourself, do I “NEED” to spend money on this…or is this a “WANT” I can do without for NOW?!?

Recommendations for Building a Better YOU: 

1) Strength Training: 3 times/week (at least)

2) Aerobic Training: Everyday

3) Flexibility Training: Everyday

4) Correct discrepancies in any of the 12 IFPA Components of Fitness that are sub-par: (1) Strength, (2) Speed, (3) Power, (4) Anaerobic Endurance, (5) Aerobic Endurance, (6) Agility, (7) Balance, (8) Coordination, (9) Flexibility, (10) Body Composition, (11) Symmetry, (12) Biochemical Balance.

5) Eat a Balanced, Nutritious Diet and don’t fall into Marketing Hype of any of the Fad Diets, whether they are High Protein, High Fat or High Carb… They are all flawed since they lack BALANCE!

6) Stay hydrated: 64 ounces/day of pure water is a Guide. Ideally, drink sufficient water to keep your urine clear or nearly clear.

7) Limit your alcohol consumption to one drink/day(female) or two drinks/day(male).

8) Don’t smoke, do drugs, or use any tobacco products.

9) Get 7-8 hrs sleep/night

10) Weigh yourself everyday: same time-same way and make adjustments to your eating, drinking and physical activity from what the scale tells you. No One Counts Calories! It is inconvenient, time consuming and inaccurate. Use the scale as feedback, guide and educator.

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