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Your clients are always looking for a quick fix? You know it isn’t possible. You’ve tried to get them doing a little extra “cardio” on their own. You know the deal with fat burning, weight loss, and spot reduction, yet clients just don’t want to listen. Forget it, just up the pace, and force them to adjust. Don’t worry, they will and this is a completely safe, well-researched way to do it.

Help your client’s burn 500 calories or more in just 45 minutes. And, get them stronger at the same time. It’s true. I have done the metabolic math to prove it. Of course, as a prudent trainer, you may need to make a few adjustments.

For each exercise, pick a moderate weight that you know you can get for 15 reps, even though you will be doing less per set. The name of this game is “PACE” and the goal is to finish. Pick easy-to-perform large muscle group exercises where loss of form (from fatigue) will not be a problem. Having said that, good technique is still a must!

The recipe looks like this:


1. Treadmill or Bike (Appetizer)
2. Seated Row
3. Chest Press — Rest
4. Military/Shoulder Press
5. Lat Pull-down
6. Lunges Alternate (8 per side, controlled this acts as its own superset) — Rest
7. Abdominal Crunch
8. Low Back Extension — Rest
9. Leg Press (16 reps to Finish)


1. 15 Minute Interval Jog-Walk: — Start at 3mph on treadmill for 3 minutes
2. Increase to 5-6mph for 1 minute
3. Drop to 3-4mph for 30s
4. Repeat for 12 minutes total

Calorie Burning Instructions:

1. 12 reps moderate to fast consistent pace
2. 15 seconds rest to switch exercises
3. 30 seconds rest between pairs
4. 3 circuits keeping pace up

So, what do you do if you client is severely overweight or very sedentary. Back down on the weights and cut down the speed of the treadmill. Extend your rest periods to 1 minute, and take an hour. Oh, and by the way, for those that are in great shape, pick it up a notch, add two more exercises to the circuit and perform for 4 complete circuits.

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