DNA Testing : A Giant Leap Forward for all Fitness Professionals


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DNA testing has achieved a level of accuracy and predictability that will soon require it to be a mandatory part of all fitness programs and medical testing. DNA testing can now predict your risk of developing virtually all chronic disorders. Better yet, DNA testing can provide an accurate road-map of how you can prevent yourself, your loved-ones and your clients from developing these devastating disorders. Imagine being able to know years, even decades in advance that you will develop Heart Disease, Hypertension, Type II Diabetes, COPD, CAD, PAD or any other painful, debilitating and deadly chronic disease. Imagine that with such advanced warning, you could immediately begin a customized exercise and nutrition prescription to prevent that disease. Imagine the difference between your life being ravaged by pain, suffering, early death or an alternative life at the highest levels of pain-free performance, vitality, virility and fully functional longevity.

You do not have to imagine anymore because DNA testing is now a reality. With DNA testing you are no longer forced to make drug companies rich. You no longer have to spend your life savings on drugs that “manage” a disease, but offer nothing in the way of a cure (92% of our population is now destined for this fate). DNA testing offers something far superior to a cure, it offers prevention. Ben Franklin said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” Adjusted for inflation, your DNA testing may well represent $250,000 or more in savings on drugs, medical procedures and surgeries. Most medical experts will tell you that over 80% of our medical and healthcare costs are spent on diseases, disabilities and dysfunctions that are a direct result of the lifestyle choices we make. Our healthcare expenditures now exceed over 3 trillion dollars. Even at the low estimate of 80% preventable, that would be a savings of at least $2.4 trillion. That does not include the cost of lost workers productivity, ingenuity and inventiveness. For many, these huge numbers are difficult to perceive. What is easier to perceive is the pain and suffering these numbers represent, especially when it happens to you or someone you love. Now multiply your pain by one million and you begin to see that “An ounce of prevention, may exceed $2.4 trillion”

While DNA testing for the prevention of chronic disorders has been around for years, it has been cost prohibitive for all but the very rich. The cost of DNA testing has dropped rapidly as accuracy has improved dramatically. Not many years ago you would have paid over $250,000 for a DNA test to provide you your risk for chronic disease. Now, DNA testing is far cheaper. Along with drastically reduced costs, DNA testing can now provide you with customized exercise and nutrition prescriptions tailored to your individual genetics to aid all your fitness, health and longevity goals. DNA testing can provide you your most accurate insight into all twelve of your individual IFPA components of fitness.

This enables you to use DNA testing to train each of your IFPA Components of Fitness for optimal safety and efficiency. All the while keeping in mind which are the most critical IFPA components of fitness to prevent the chronic disordered identified by your DNA Test. The twelve IFPA Components of Fitness are:

Strength Speed Power Anaerobic Endurance
Aerobic Endurance Agility Balance Coordination
Flexibility Body Composition Symmetry Biochemical Balance


Regardless of whether your client is an athlete, bodybuilder, competitor, dancer, fitness enthusiast, golfer, child, adult, senior citizen or medical health exercise restricted “Special Populations” as long as they are alive, you can use DNA testing to help them live a longer, healthier and happier life.

For the athletes and competitors you can tailor your Program Design to maximize their strength and improve their weaknesses. You can use your DNA testing results to develop the safest and most effective programming to reduce or eliminate certain potential injuries. Used correctly, DNA testing can become your “best friend” in Exercise Management of all your clients.

DNA testing may very well replace every other fitness test you now perform, but I would not recommend that initially. Fitness testing has always been a powerful motivational tool to prove your worth to your client and demonstrate your exercise program is working. Use DNA testing as a primary testing protocol for highly accurate, individual information on the internal physiology of your clients. The data provided from DNA testing will not only stream-line your fitness testing, it will assist you in optimally performing in all seven phases of your IFPA Personal Training System.

  1. Client consult and assessment
  2. Fitness Testing
  3. Exercise Prescription
  4. Program Design
  5. Exercise Management
  6. Exercise Physiology
  7. Sports Nutrition Education

DNA testing will greatly enhance your professionalism, effectiveness and efficiency all of which leads to greater results for all of your clients.

Good Luck!

Dr. Jim Bell,


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