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Nutrition Prescription:

Berberine can lower total cholesterol by 30%! Berberine should be tried before any statin drugs. Statins, like most drugs have side-effects. Berberine is a natural substance extracted from barberry, goldenseal, Oregon Grapes and other plants. Recommended Dose: 500-1,000 mg/day. Always consult your physician for any medical condition, before starting supplementation.

Sports Nutrition Research:

According to the “Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports,” Athletes who drank a protein-carb supplement of 19.5 grams of protein & 19.5 grams of carbs, half before training and half post training, over a 12 week period, gained three times more muscle in their quadriceps than those athletes who drank carbs only.

Exercise Prescription: Stretching! I previously reported on research showing that stretching prior to workouts or competition decreased speed, strength & power. A new study in Science & Sports shows that a stretch held for less than 20 seconds following a warm-up “Did not affect strength.” I still recommend flexibility work as part of your Cool-Down, unless your activity requires full range of motion such as: Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Wrestling, Dancing, etc. Exercise Prescription: H.I.T.T! According to the Journal of: “Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise,” High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.T.T.): short bursts of all-out effort, like sprinting or any other activity resulting in muscular failure in 30 seconds or less with Rest Intervals of light or no activity, improves insulin sensibility (preventing or reversing Metabolic Syndrome or Type 2 Diabetes and reduces the risk of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). CVD remains the #1 Killer World-Wide. Lifestyle News:

According to a study conducted by Scotland’s Royal Edinburgh Hospital: People who said they had almost 50% more sex than other subjects looked five to seven years younger than their real age. Sex boost Growth Hormone production, which has tremendous rejuvenation properties including improving skin elasticity. So if you’re worried about wrinkle…you now know the cure.

Exercise Prescription: Yoga

According to the “Journal of Physical Activity and Health,” 20 minutes of Yoga significantly improved Reaction Times & Cognitive Skills. In the past, I have reported similar outcomes of other physical exercise activities. Any exercise makes you smarter, better focused and improves memory and learning ability.

Program Design: Heart Rate Variability Training How many times have you been told “Work Smart-Not Hard?” How many times have you been told to “listen to your body? Heart Rate Variability Training can help you take the guess-work out of training you and your client.

IFPA Certified Personal Trainers learned in their course that they should have their clients monitor their Resting Heart Rate (RHT) every morning. As you and your clients train, you should see a decrease in RHR. An increasing RHR may be an early warning sign of over-training, or some other physical, mental, or emotional stress in your clients’ life.

Heart Rate Variability is a measure of fatigue and fitness level and provides you an objective measure and means to manage your clients’ training. HRV is a tool to determine your body’s readiness to train.

If your RHR increases by 1-5% on a day you are planning to train, you should reduce your Intensity & Time (total volume), by 15-30%. If you RHR increases by over 5%, your body is probably not recovered and you should post-pone training that day. If your RHR increases by 10% or more, you should post-pone training until your RHR returns to normal to avoid overtraining, reduced performance and training gains and potential injury.

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