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Learn How Dedicated Fitness Enthusiasts Get Paid to Work Out

The IFPA provides the training and certification to begin the most physically, emotionally, and financially rewarding career of the new millennium.

Wouldn’t it be nice not to struggle to set aside extra time for workouts in the gym? Well, personal trainers don’t have to; they work out all day long. Personal trainers help people build great bodies and enormous self-esteem, all while earning $20, $50, $100 or more an hour. Its not surprising that personal training is such an attractive alternative to sedentary, unfulfilling professions that regularly occupy such a large portion of our lives.

So What Does It Take To Become A Personal Trainer?

First, you must determine that you have a strong passion for working out, the fitness lifestyle, and have the desire and dedication to help people achieve their personal best. Then you can contact the International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA) to help you take care of all the rest.

The International Fitness Professionals Association is a leading fitness company that provides practical education, training, and certification to fully equip you to become a successful personal trainer. The IFPA was founded as a means to provide solid fitness education to those with and without any formal fitness education.

Marvin J. Chrisman, Jr., a former competitive bodybuilder, testifies I thought I knew almost everything until taking the IFPA course. This course covers a lot of material and is truly the best certification program available today. I would urge all others, even people not wanting to become personal trainers, to take the course.

The IFPA has trained and certified over 35 thousand members. These programs are taught to anyone from world champion athletes to everyday gym members. Numerous television fitness stars including Paige Langston, Jennifer Goodwin, Leann Tweeden, Mike OHearn, Christian Boeving, Rick Valente, Midajay and Carol Grow have used IFPA certifications to advance their fitness training, knowledge, and careers.

The IFPA programs follow the philosophy that a functional fitness education must be based on the principles of science and taught with the application of experience. This philosophy ensures that you are not just learning the theories of exercise physiology, but can also apply them to actual training situations.

Dr. Ben Lerner, U.S. Olympic Team Doctor, explains, I found the IFPA Certification to be the most comprehensive and practical program for serious fitness professionals. The practical knowledge we gained form the IFPA workshop enabled the U.S. wrestling team to achieve unparalleled success.

It was this practical nature of the IFPA education that lead James T. bell, M.S., President and co-founder of the IFPA, to be invited twice to be the lead speaker on exercise physiology and sports nutrition at the U.S. Olympic Coaches College (1996 and 1998).

Most of the IFPA certification programs are taken through weekend workshops. To begin the program, you must pre-register and receive study materials in advance. Then, you attend an intensive review workshop for instruction, demonstration, and testing conducted by an IFPA faculty instructor(s). All IFPA faculty instructors are required to have a Masters Degree in a health and fitness related area as well as practical experience within their field. The IFPA considers this mandatory to ensure the highest quality instruction.

If you have trouble attending a workshop, the IFPA also offers a convenient Independent Study Program that is completed right at home. As with any IFPA program, you are always encouraged to use the IFPA toll free number to reach the IFPA Resource Center for further explanation or information.

Beverly Rooks, an Alabama based fitness club manager, explains her experience with the IFPA Independent Study Program. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the workshop video seminar and studying the training guide. I was impressed with how much information was packed into such a short lesson.

After completing either of these programs, you will have been taught and tested on basic anatomy and kinesiology, proper spotting techniques and form, professional ethics and business strategies and all other essential information to become a safe and effective personal trainer.

Catherine Burke, fitness studio owner and trainer, wrote to the IFPA, My IFPA Certification has enabled me to perform as a fitness trainer with complete confidence. This confidence comes from knowing the fitness principles and the practical tools that empower me to provide excellent, results-oriented service to all my clients.

Fitness education is a life long process that is supported by the IFPA. The Personal Fitness Trainer certification is just the beginning of your education. The IFPA can also certify you in Sports Nutrition, Advanced Personal Training, Master Personal Training, and Primary Aerobics and over 20 other Fitness, Exercise Motivation, Sports Conditioning and related certifications. As an IFPA certified member, you will receive continued support throughout your fitness career. The IFPA offers on-going training assistance, continuing education programs for every specific interest, and special member fitness events.

Dr. Jim Bell, CEO IFPA

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