How to Keep Gym Members Active


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Problem: How do you keep your members active?

Solution: Offer programs that are simple to understand and easy to do.

Why do members quit?

There are probably as many reasons as there are members. The root of the problem for many though, is that they just don’t use their membership anymore. They have become inactive members.

Where have we gone wrong?

We took them on a tour of the facility, we showed them how to use all of the equipment when they joined, and they have even been seen walking on the treadmills from time to time. What more do these people want?

Simply put, they want to move, they want to do functional things and they want to be successful. These are people who are intimidated by the club and all of the equipment. The solution is simple: Programs. Not just any program, but programs that will keep the members interested and that are not too complicated or too hard.

There are several points to remember when creating a program:

1. Keep the members moving.

2. Encourage members to do things outside the club too.

3. Teach them to workout at home.

4. Make the program simple and attainable, nobody wants to fail.

5. When they workout at the club, make their time short.

6. Have a way to measure their results.

7.  Some clubs are already making headway with some group exercise programs.

However, the tendency is to take a group exercise program and mold it to our own needs or the needs of a small group. For example, a 30-minute program done two times per week could be seen by some hard-core exercisers as too easy. They may convince instructors or club management to increase the program to 60 minutes five times per week. People really want a workout that is stimulating and they want to be in and out of the club in a short time.

8. Keep these things in mind when marketing and selling the programs.

9. Advertise and market your programs – not the type of equipment you have in the club.

10. Target your current inactive members first. It is less expensive than getting new members.

11. Another huge demographic to target is people who know they should work out but don’t. This group loves programs.

12. Remember to tell your sales people that perspective members are looking for programs, not how many thousands of pounds of weights you have in your facility.

13. Simple programs that stimulate members and encourage them to exercise inside and outside the club are the perfect solution for keeping those members active.

The only thing you have to lose by not trying these programs: more members.

Dr. Jim Bell

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