IFPA Business Support - Coaching Call


The IFPA Business Support – Coaching Call

Duration: 45-60 min
Please prepare your business questions in advance
Prepare your pricing data, possible business model overviews, client demographic data, financial reporting, and all other business-relevant documents

Business Support is one of our new services for our worldwide IFPA Family. We know how crucial it is for you as a Personal Trainer and an IFPA Family member to develop your coaching business.

It was never easy to find the path to success, especially if you’re on your own and have no one to guide you. Business development is as much individual as personal training, which means one must develop the skills, acquire the knowledge, and put in the needed work to become successful.

The IFPA is here to help!

Let us help you find the right path and truly become the best version of yourself – not only as a personal trainer, more so as a personal trainer growing his business.

Book a COACHING CALL with Alex, the IFPA COO, which has helped many trainers (whether you’re an IFPA member or not) worldwide to become more successful in the Personal Training business.

The Coaching Call will take you between 45 and 60 minutes.

Not enough for you?

No problem! Ask about our Business Coaching packages.

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