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As obesity rates continue to soar around the world, it is up to practitioners to combat this condition with the most effective tools possible. The IFPA Obesity Specialist provides trainers with the most promising trends in obesity treatment. Trainers will learn how to assess, treat and prevent obesity using the newest research and techniques.

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The Obesity Specialist provides trainers with the knowledge, skills & abilities to effectively prevent, assess, and treat clients that suffer from obesity. Trainers will gain insight into the psychological aspects of obesity and learn how to perform clinical evaluations. These evaluations will allow trainers to prescribe the most effective treatments possible in order to reverse this debilitating chronic disease.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Learn the prevalence of Obesity in the U.S.
  • Learn psychosocial consequences of Obesity
  • Learn the economic aspects of Obesity
  • Learn the genetic influences on Obesity
  • Learn the quality of life in Obese individuals

Course Outcomes

  • Know how to perform a body composition assessment in Obese individuals
  • Know how to analyze and record Dietary Intake of Obese individuals
  • Know how to assess the physical activity level and energy expenditures of Obese individuals
  • Know how to treat and prevent Obesity in children and young adults
  • Know how to prescribe medical nutrition therapy to Obese individuals

Course Goals

  • Understand the etiology of obesity
  • Understand the clinical evaluation of  Obese patients
  • Understand the importance of body weight maintenance in successful aging
  • Understand how to reduce sedentary behavior
  • Understand the directions in treating Obesity

Certification Package Contents

  1. Textbook
  2. StudyGuide
  3. 100 question (multiple choice, open book) certification exam


  1. CPR/First Aid Certified highly recommended, but not required.
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